Make your website multilingual

Translation API that integrates seamlessly into your website and delivers it in any languages.

One technology, multiple integrations

Weglot integrates seamlessly into your website, adapting to your technology.

Weglot translation app for Shopify

Integrate Weglot app in your Shopify store to start translating your website and make it multilingual.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 on Shopify Appstore

  • SEO multilingual best practice
  • Compatible with themes & apps
  • Manual or automatic translations
  • Simple setup
  • Translate checkout & emails

Great app, super support! It does an incredible job. I highly recommend it. You can see the result by yourself at

posted on May 30

Weglot translation Javascript snippet

Integrate Weglot javascript code in your website to start translating and make it multilingual.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script>
     api_key: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
     originalLanguage: 'en',
     destinationLanguages : 'fr,de,pt,es'

Just integrate the JS code before the < / body> tag and put your API key : it works!

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Weglot translation app for BigCommerce

Integrates Weglot application in your BigCommerce store to start translating your website.

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Rated 5 out of 5 on BigCommerce Appstore

  • Simple setup from the BigCommerce store
  • Compatible with themes & apps
  • Manual or automatic translations
  • Translate your product and checkout

Weglot helped me translate my website into other languages, its very easy to setup nd very useful. Saved me from making 2 different sites, thanks for this amazing app.

FlashPoint posted on May 30

Simplify your translation process

Weglot provides a reliable and easy way of managing translations.

Integrated within minutes

Weglot API integrates into your website within minutes through a plugin or a script.
Weglot automatically detects and translates your text content.

Manage your content

Review and manually edit translated content through a simple interface. Collaborate with your team. Order professional translations.
Support 60+ languages.

Reliable and powerful

Weglot follows Google best practices in terms of multilingual SEO.. Your translated pages will be properly indexed.
Weglot is built to help you scale.

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