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We’ve listed important information about the Wegot Affiliate Program to give guidance to any new or existing affiliate. Looking for more general information about Weglot? Check out our features page to see exactly what Weglot does!

How much commission will I receive? 

20% lifetime recurring commissions – For every sale you make, we will pay a 20% commission for the lifetime of the customer. 

When will I receive my commission? 

Payouts – We payout every affiliate on the 20th of every month for the sales generated the month before (so February 20 for sales generated in January for example).  We do not have a minimum payout amount, so you will get paid every month no matter what!

Can I get a coupon code? 

Coupons – We do not give coupons that are public. If you wish to have a coupon for private sales, the referral commission will drop to a 10% lifetime commission.

Guidance for new Affiliates 


We want all of our affiliates to earn a passive income.  Here are what some of our higher performing affiliates are doing.

  • Know your audience.  Make sure to promote the most relevant plans that we offer.  Feel free to review them here
  • Create content that is solving a problem.  We find that content created which is more than just a tutorial or comparison article, converts more.  So feel free to reach out to for ideas of use cases to write about!
  • Speak directly to the customer.  Customers trust people who speak to them and answer their questions.  Illustrate to them that Weglot can fill all of their needs, while also being the most simple solution on the market
  • Use our tool.  Sign up for a Weglot license to make sure you are a translation pro!


We have certain practices and rules that affiliates need to follow.

  • Paid promotions through ads is strictly prohibited
  • Public coupons are not allowed
  • Spamming (mass email, mass newsgroup posting, etc.) are of course forbidden
  • Self referrals aren’t allowed.  Our system tags them and you will not be paid for the sale. If you’re an agency handling the payments for your customers, please contact me so we can look into it:

Need some inspiration? Here’s what others are doing

Below you can find some strategies and examples of what some of our other affiliates are doing to maximize their earning potential.

  • Product has us integrated into their dashboard!
    • Integrate Weglot into a dashboard and include an affiliate link
    • Feature Weglot in the documentation of the product
    • Create a blogpost about how Weglot works with the product
    • Recommend Weglot through support channels
  • recommends us to every client they have!
    • Create a demo project to show to clients
    • Create presentation about the importance of a multilingual site
    • Participate in a webinar with us
    • Work with our own in house Agency Partner Manager Thibaud
  • has a great post featuring us.
    • Collaborate with our Affiliate Partner Manager Logan to target best keywords
    • Follow our Content Template that we have created for easy content creation
    • Keep up to date with our new features and updates
    • Promote the article through social media channels and newsletters
  • YouTubeFerdy has an awesome tutorial video about us!
    • Work with us to create a script
    • Work with our Affiliate Partner Manager Logan to get a Weglot team member on the video
    • Promote the video through social media channels and newsletters
    • Talk to us about how we can contribute to the YouYube promotion

Logos/Promotional Material

You can find our press kit here.

Feel free to contact if you need anything more specific.

We want you to make money

We truly want you to make an actual passive income from our affiliate program.  We love that our affiliate program can help support real people making a real income.  Because of this, we are sincere about you reaching out to us, if you ever need anything, even if you just want to get to know us; drop us a line, we are always up for a good chat!

We Would Love to Talk
Have questions? Please feel free to contact us at We would love to hear from you.