What’s the Best Shopify Translation App?

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What's the Best Shopify Translation App_

The best Shopify translation app will let you easily create and maintain a multilingual eCommerce website, all within one dashboard. While your needs will vary depending on what kind of Shopify store you’re running, there are common features to look for.

Specifically, the best Shopify translation app:

  1. Will automatically translate your site’s content (without making you download or upload your content). Your translation app should integrate perfectly with your Shopify store and quickly translate every part of your site—from your product descriptions, blogs, FAQs, menus, and anything else that’s live on your URL.
  2. Will give you complete control over your translation process. You should be able to control which URLs, which sections, and even which specific words get translated. 
  1. Will easily let you edit your translations. You want to be able to make edits, either with your own translation team or by giving you a way to order professional translation services. Plus, you want some type of visual editor that lets you see how your translated content will fit in with the design/layout of your Shopify store. 
  1. Will keep your translated site updated as your original site changes.  Your app should have automatic content detection that recognizes and automatically updates your translated site as your original site changes.
  1. Will optimize your translated site to help it rank in Google and other search engines. Make sure you pick a translation app that translates with SEO in mind—that means translating on-page SEO elements, creating unique URLs for each translated site, and putting tags in the source code that tells search engines all the different translated versions of your site you have available.

With these 5 crucial features in mind, we look at 4 different Shopify translation apps, starting with our own: Weglot

FYI: Weglot is our translation app that works with any website. It’s a popular choice for Shopify sites because it can quickly translate an entire store within minutes, while giving you complete control of your translation process. To see how it works, start your free trial.

The Best Shopify translation app: Weglot

Below we’ll take you through a simple step-by-step process on how to quickly and accurately turn your Shopify site into a multilingual website with Weglot.

If you’d prefer to watch a video, here’s a tutorial on using Weglot with Shopify:

1. Add Weglot to your Shopify site

You can do this by going to the Shopify app store and searching for Weglot. Then you add the app to your Shopify store. After you’ve installed the app, you can create a Weglot account, which gives you access to a free 10-day trial.

2. Customize your translation process

After you login to Weglot, you’ll create a new project. 

Here you’ll pick: 

  • Your original language (i.e. the language your site is currently in).

After you’ve clicked “Save”, Weglot quickly translates your entire site, turning it completely multilingual. For most sites, this takes just a few minutes.

Once the translation is done, you’ll see a Language Switcher on your Shopify site, which lets users toggle between your available languages. You can customize how the Language Switcher works and looks, and where it’s placed on your site. 

Plus, when you toggle to a different language, you’ll notice your URL changes to correspond to the language that’s being displayed. This is important for SEO, which we’ll cover later.

With Weglot, you can also further customize your translation process by:

  • Picking which sections of your site you do not want translated. You can exclude entire URLs or blocks within a specific page.
  • Creating a glossary of words you do not want translated.  For example, you may want to avoid translating brand names (like Apple, Slack, or Excel) or a brand tagline (such as Nike’s famous “Just Do It”).
Weglot glossary

3. Finally, decide if you want to edit your translated content (optional)

Once your site is fully-translated with Weglot’s machine translation software, you now have complete control over your translations. 

Unlike other Shopify app solutions, you don’t need to download any content from your site to make changes. Instead, you and your teammates (or your translators) can access all your translations through your dashboard and make changes right then and there.

translations list

Any saved changes are automatically updated on your translated site. Plus, you can also use Weglot’s visual editor to see how translations look on your Shopify store as you go.

visual editor new

When should you edit your translations?

Editing your translations is completely optional. As of now, roughly ⅔ of Weglot’s customers never make any edits to Weglot’s translations. But some Shopify sites will want to make edits or review translations, especially if they have a team of in-house translators on-hand. 

For an example of this, read our case study on Felt Bicycles—a company that uses both machine translation and Weglot’s editing features to fully translate their site. Here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Felt Bicycles translates its content into 4 different languages.
  • They have over 130 different rules added to their glossary, which means they have very specific and detailed translation guidelines.
  • They use machine translation for menus, subheaders, and shorter sentences (about ⅓ of their overall content).
  • When it comes to their product descriptions and blog, their team of translators use Weglot’s translation platform to access and easily review translations (without having to extract or download any content).

If you want to make edits or have your Shopify translations reviewed and don’t have a team of translators, you can order professional translator services directly through your Weglot account. 

Other benefits of using Weglot’s Shopify translation app

Above we covered the 3 steps to turning your Shopify site into a fully multilingual website with Weglot. But there are two other key benefits of using Weglot:

  • Translating for SEO
  • Automatic content detection 

Weglot’s SEO features

When you use Weglot for your Shopify website, you’re helping your translated sites rank for the right audience. When Weglot translates your site, it also:

  • Adds hreflang tags to your site’s source code. These tags tell search engines which translated versions of your site are available. 
  • Translates your on-page SEO elements. For example, Weglot translates your alt tags and metadata. And if needed, you can easily edit these translations to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords in each language.
  • Creates subdomains/subdirectories for your translated site, so each translated site has its own unique URL.

This way, the right audience will find your site in their location and their language. 

How Weglot keeps your site updated with automatic content detection 

As you update your Shopify site (e.g. new products, categories, blog posts, or support pages) you don’t want to have to worry about making sure your new content is translated across all the different versions of your site. 

Weglot uses automatic content detection to make sure all of your sites are up-to-date. This way, when you add new content—or revise existing content—on your main eCommerce site, all of your translated sites get updated as well. It’s zero effort. 

Other Shopify translation apps to consider

We just covered how you can use Weglot’s Shopify translation app to translate your eCommerce website. Next, we’ll look at 3 other Shopify translation apps, focusing on some possible alternatives to Weglot:

  • Langify
  • GTranslate
  • Langshop

1. Langify

Langify is a popular Shopify translation app but it misses some features most sites will want. 

Here’s how it works. 

When you use Langify, you set up your account, pick your original language, and then the languages you want to translate into. But with Langify, you need to manually pick which parts of your Shopify site you want translated. 

In contrast, Weglot can quickly translate the entire site, so you don’t need to go through and make sure it translates your blog, product catalog, and FAQs. With Weglot, all of that can happen automatically but with Langify it’s a little more hands-on. 

2. GTranslate

GTranslate is a popular Shopify translation app, especially because it has a free option. But when you set up your Gtranslate widget, you’ll see which features aren’t available to you on the free plan, including:

  • Multilingual SEO
  • Unique URLs
  • The ability to edit translations 
  • On-page SEO translation
  • Much more (as shown in the image below)
gtranslate interface

For this reason, if you’re running a Shopify site, we’d recommend that you look at the paid Gtranslate plan instead.

3. Langshop

While Langshop does offer a free plan, most Shopify sites will likely benefit more from one of its paid plans.

  • For $9.90 a month you can translate your site into one language, and get unlimited machine translations on products, collections, and blog pages (i.e. not your entire site). You also get Langshop’s branding removed from your site. 
  • For $33.90 a month you can translate your site into 5 different languages and get unlimited machine translations for all content.
  • For $67.90 a month you can translate your site into 20 different languages. Plus, you get automatic content detection, which automatically translates new content. (For comparison: Automatic content detection is available on any plan with Weglot.)

Finding the best Shopify translation app: A quick recap

In this post, we covered the main criteria for choosing the best Shopify translation app.

Specifically, you want an app that:

  • Automatically translates your site’s content (without making you repeatedly download and re-upload your content). 
  • Gives you complete control over your translation process. 
  • Makes it easy to edit your translations and order professional translation services.  
  • Updates your translated sites as you add/edit content on your original site. 
  • Optimizes your translated site to help it rank in Google and other search engines.

Weglot does all of those things for you. Start your free trial and translate your site today.

In this article we’re going to look into:

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