Our first Community Day at Weglot 💙

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Updated on May 12, 2023
Our first Community Day at Weglot

Two weeks ago we had the chance to hold two days of fruitful meetings and talks around a topic that matters a lot to us at Weglot, the WordPress community.

It was also an opportunity for the wider Weglot team to meet two of our ambassadors, Juan Hernando, and Ibon Azkoita. Flying in from Spain, they visited us to share their expertise on WordPress and the WordPress community, but also let us into their individual passion on the subject!

Juan and Ibon Weglot Community day

But why create a Community Day?

This was a first for us here at Weglot, so we thought we’d share more about why we wanted to create a Community Day.

Play a bigger role in the WordPress ecosystem

The Weglot team is growing and each year we’re trying to be more present in the communities we take the time to be a part of. 

WordPress is one of the communities we put a lot of resources into. Why? Because we want to be a part of the thousands of volunteers that push forward the CMS, help them accomplish more, and ultimately be a part of many of the awesome initiatives inside the WordPress community. 

We used our Community Day as a good opportunity to discuss as a wider team and with our ambassadors what initiatives we could make an impact on, how to be more creative in our current approach, and in general, freshen up all the ideas we have in mind for the rest of the year! 

Increase our knowledge 

Understanding exactly how the WordPress community works is key and improving our visibility on what matters to them is important to us.

But we also wanted to re-learn the basics: What is WordPress? (obviously, we know a lot about this, but to hear it from the experts gave us a new insight!) What is the WordPress community? What is a WordCamp, a meetup?

The Community Day also gave us a chance to present everything that we’re currently working on within the WordPress space to the rest of the team, and having Juan and Ibon there to directly answer questions was invaluable. 

Juan discussing WordPress

And finally, we talked about our newest community initiative, the 5ftf movement. Weglot, among other great WordPress partners, is supporting WordPress contributors by financing the hours they’re dedicating to the WordPress project.  

Motivate each other

Caring is one of Weglot’s top values, which means caring for each other in the workplace and supporting initiatives that we think make a difference.

We wanted Juan and Ibon to feel at home and to motivate each other (and us) on topics that matter to them! They’re part of the Weglot team after all and are the voice of all the people we’re working with inside the WordPress community. 🙂

Our ambassadors regularly attend WordCamps and meetups and the feedback they get from users helps us power Weglot forward!

We’ve been working with both Juan and Ibon for the past three to four years and our community day was the perfect opportunity for them to meet the team at large and get to know each other! 

Sampling French delicacies with the marketing team…

Weglot marketing team with Ibon and Juan

And what’s next?

Our aim is to repeat this initiative in the future, but right now what we’re most looking forward to in the world of WordPress is WCEU happening next month. We’re excited to once again be attending so if you want to discuss community initiatives you’ll find us at our booth in Athens on June 9th and 10th!

As always, don’t hesitate to come and say hi to us! 🙂

Until then, we’ll try our best to make all the wonderful ideas we mentioned during those two days happen. We’ll also work on more surprises for the wonderful people working with us and contributing to the communities we’re a part of! 

In this article we’re going to look into:

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