Add social proof to your global eCommerce Shopify store with Loox and Weglot – new partnership announced!

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Updated on September 23, 2022

Social proof is key to boosting sales – in fact it has been proven photo reviews can drive up to 91% uplift in conversions. Which is exactly where Loox comes in. 

Loox helps you generate photo reviews and then displays them in visually appealing review galleries – adding strong social proof to whatever you’re selling on your Shopify store. 

Currently used by more than 50,000 Shopify merchants, Loox works on any Shopify theme to help you connect with your customers and display their reviews. 

For those selling internationally – the good news is that Weglot integrates seamlessly with Loox to translate all those reviews for any market you’re selling in. 

Boost your credibility

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult in the ecommerce space, but with Loox you can create stunning review galleries on your Shopify store in just a few clicks and without the need for any code. 

Integrating with popular tools and apps you’re already using – such as Facebook, Google Shopping – you can maximize the impact visual reviews give to your products. 

Collecting the reviews is just as simple as Loox will send automatic review requests via email, web push notifications and Facebook messenger. Plus, bring back past shoppers with discounts in exchange for photo reviews. 

How do I translate my Loox reviews?

Simply install Weglot on your Shopify store and in just a few minutes your ecommerce website will be translated into multiple languages. 

Then install Loox, go to your Loox settings and enter your Weglot API key found in your Weglot dashboard – more details here. Your Loox reviews will then be automatically translated to the languages you’ve added to your store! 

If you’ve yet to install Loox, it’s just as easy. Click ‘Get’ and you’re all set. Your potential customers can see reviews in any language. Check out Loox and Weglot in action! 

Already using Weglot and Loox? Just follow the guide to add your Weglot API key.

Interested in trying out Loox? Get your exclusive extended 30-day trial.

Then, translate your Shopify store with Weglot – try before you buy with our 10-day free trial.

In this article we’re going to look into:

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