New integration! Weglot live on the Square Online App Marketplace

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Updated on January 19, 2022

Square Online, part of Square, allows you to create a fully functioning ecommerce website quickly and effortlessly. As part of the no-code movement, literally anyone can up their online presence with an online store built with Square Online. 

And, what’s more, you can integrate your Square Online store with all the payment solutions, both on and offline, that Square has to offer – centralizing everything.

Square online homepage

And now, a multilingual Square Online store 

Weglot has always been compatible with Square Online, however, we’re proud to announce that we’re even more integrated with our very own app on the Square Online App Marketplace. This makes making your Square Online store multilingual even more effortless. 

You can find Weglot on the Square Online App Marketplace and start translating your ecommerce store instantly. 

Square online app store weglot

How to translate your Square Online store with Weglot

Simply head to the Square Online App Marketplace and search for Weglot, sign up for a Weglot account, and follow the simple steps to get your Square Online store translated. You’ll then see you have a front-end language switcher added to your store so your visitors can switch between their language of choice. 

Weglot gives you an instant round of machine translation, detecting and picking 100% of the content on your store. You’ll then have access to your own Weglot Dashboard where you can edit the translations manually, make translation rules, add teammates or your own translation team, and even order professional translations. 

Check out our new integration and start translating your Square Online store today with our 10-day free trial.  

In this article we’re going to look into:

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