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How fashion brand From Future uses Weglot to increase its conversion rate across English, Italian and German-speaking markets.


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Technology Shopify Plus
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Industry Retail
Languages French, Italian, English, German

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“Weglot has taken away a significant amount of pain points associated with translating our Shopify store, so we can now run things pretty much automatically.”

Jordan Bouaziz

Jordan Bouaziz

CMO at From Future

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From Future is a French founded affordable fashion brand that has made a name for its approach to high quality fabrics, eye-popping branding, and sustainability.

With its main share of sales made online and plans to instantly start selling in other markets, the team at From Future needed a Shopify translation app that could scale with its European expansion plans.

From Future homepage

A clear set of requirements

For the team at From Future it was key to have a single Shopify store so that all their inventory could be managed in one place. This meant that handling multiple websites for different markets wasn’t going to work.

Weglot came to their attention through a recommendation by their web agency. After looking into the app they were immediately impressed by the hands-off approach Weglot would give them, not to mention displaying everything under language subdomains.

With regular product launches, they needed a Shopify translation app that would scale with their content demands and launches. Weglot fit the bill perfectly. The fact it also continuously synced with their website to ensure any new content was instantly translated meant the team at From Future needed to spend very little time running their multilingual store.

They were also impressed with the Weglot Dashboard and the ease with which they could manage translations. Learning to use it didn’t require any lengthy demo processes either as it was intuitive and easy to pick up no matter who in the team was taking on the translation management task.

Translation management tools

A particular translation management tool that stood out to the team at From Future was the Glossary. As they had a number of technical terms relating to the production of cashmere it was important that these were perfectly translated into each of their target languages.

Using the Glossary meant that they could keep the translations consistent across their site and not have to worry about manually editing on a page-by-page basis.

Their overall translation workflow was also significantly improved by the first layer of machine translation that Weglot provides. They would launch new pages with machine translation and later use the export/import feature to easily send pages for translation to their external translation team.

As professional translation was important on high-traffic pages, they valued being able to see a clear overview of the percentage of manually edited translations at a glance.

The option to visually edit their translations was also a particular plus point for their translation team. This provided them with a user-friendly interface and a live preview of their site. So, not only could they easily go in and make a change on the exact part of their site, but they could also see any design changes that might have arisen due to the change in word length.

From Future visual editor

More than a translation software

“Being able to see an overview of where traffic is coming from but not only that, what browser language people are using has given us significant insight into what markets we could expand into next.”

What the team at From Future hadn’t anticipated was the numerous additional features Weglot provided that allowed them to make informed business decisions.

One such stand-out feature was the ‘Page Views’. This showed the top 10 browser languages of website visitors, giving a breakdown of which languages were the most popular, as well as a map with the country from where the visitor originates. Naturally, the languages From Future has chosen to add to its site are included in the list, but so too are several other languages that are driving significant traffic.

This has given the team valuable insights into which languages they should add next and which markets are viable for expansion.


From Future found a Shopify translation app that scaled with their European expansion plans. What’s more, they’re able to make use of Weglot’s statistics to know which languages to add to their store next.

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