Reaching new audiences with a fast, reliable and easy to install website translation plugin that’s now an essential tool for the success of Poptin’s content distribution and sales process.


Added languages


Overall website traffic


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Added languages


Overall website traffic


Conversion rate

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Technology WordPress
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Industry Software
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“As a SaaS startup, our goal is to reach as many audiences as possible. And the only way to do it faster is to communicate with people in the language that they understand.”

Abbey Claire Dela Cruz

Abbey Claire Dela Cruz

Marketing Manager, Poptin

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Reaching a wider audience

Based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, Poptin is a SaaS popup and contact form builder built for digital agencies, online marketers, and ecommerce website owners looking to increase their conversion rate.

As a no-code solution, Poptin has developed software that allows anyone to add pop-ups, embedded contact forms, and social widgets to their website, no matter which CMS they’re using, and without the need for graphic designers or developers.

Having built software that can benefit users all over the world, it was important for Poptin to communicate with people in the language that they understood. Their aim was to grow the international readership of their popular blog that offers insights and valuable information on improving conversion rate, and in turn, increase the likelihood of sign-ups and sales.

With a vast amount of resources targeting different markets and industries, the team at Poptin had little chance of manually translating these lengthy resources as internal resources were limited and dedicated to the advancement of their own software.

Adding 15 languages effortlessly

The team at Poptin was looking to add 15 languages to their website. They wanted their website to be as inclusive as possible and to accommodate the growing number of website visitors looking to use their product from different countries.

“A number one priority was that our website visitors wouldn’t need to use or download third-party apps to understand their website, which would have interrupted our sales funnel significantly.”

They didn’t have the time and capability to manually translate their website content so having researched a number of other WordPress translation plugins, they quickly determined that Weglot was the best fit for their business demands. As they were regularly adding new content to their blog, having the automation of Weglot’s content detection ensured nothing on their website would be left untranslated.

Weglot’s easy integration meant anyone within the Poptin team could install it and best of all they were able to launch 15 languages instantly.

All the team at Poptin needs to worry about is creating content in their native language knowing that Weglot takes care of the rest of the workflow.

Supporting Poptin’s customers

It wasn’t just the content of Poptin’s blog and front website that were important to have translated – customer support was also a key priority.

The team at Poptin wasn’t able to put resources towards hiring translators for their customer service tutorials and knowledge base as not only was it not cost-efficient, it would also take too much time.

“Our knowledge base and glossary are well-understood by our diverse set of audiences. In a way, Weglot acts as our middleman and is an essential tool for the success of our content distribution and sales processes.”

Using Weglot meant they were able to also translate this part of their website and rely on the automation without worrying about key documentation being unavailable in a number of languages or having to hire internally.

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The Poptin team benefits from a translation plugin that grows with their content plans and provides translated versions of their knowledge base.

In terms of real results, Poptin’s website traffic increased due to translated pages being ranked higher for different language queries. And, overall, the team saw a 10% increase in growth in overall traffic and a 40% increase in average conversions from visitors to sign-ups.

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