Weglot helped TheGlobalGaming launch 4 new languages without time-consuming manual processes, allowing the team to spend almost no time translating and managing their multilingual site.


Increase in traffic


Reduction in translation costs


Added languages


Increase in traffic


Reduction in translation costs


Added languages

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Technology Webflow
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Industry Gaming
Languages French, Spanish, German, Portuguese

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“Weglot really helped us to realize how much of an impact translating a website can have on SEO, traffic, and the brand awareness that comes along with it.”

Anthony Clement

Anthony Clement

Co-Founder, TheGlobalGaming

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Targeting a broader audience

The initial goal of TheGlobalGaming, the central hub for gaming and entertainment news, was to translate and internationalize its website to increase traffic from new markets.

The gaming niche in particular is an industry that requires further targeting than just English-speaking countries.

To benefit from this fast-growing market, they chose to add Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish to their site, with the aim of boosting their global traffic and brand awareness.

“Everyone plays video games. No matter if it was in your childhood or now.”

Finding an automated way to go multilingual

With a Webflow website, TheGlobalGaming initially explored setting up their translated website manually due to there being no native Webflow multilingual solution. However, they quickly realized that this would have cost them a lot more time and money, with considerable development resources and having to pay writers to translate the content.

They came across Weglot after seeing the big-name customers already using it and its increased market presence in the website translation space.

“The Weglot support team and help is something we’ve never experienced when working with any other company.”

The amount of automation that Weglot offered them, coupled with the ability to control and manage the quality of the translation stood out to them. Weglot allowed the team at TheGlobalGaming the perfect blend of automation and manual editing/actions when needed, without sacrificing the website translation project running on autopilot.

In particular, the team made use of the glossary and visual editor features.

Since automation is in Weglot’s nature, TheGlobalGaming is in fact spending almost no time translating and managing their multilingual website. Using Weglot helped the team to increase their efficiency and they are now advocates of encouraging other companies to give automatic translation a try. The team realized they would have paid four times the amount to translate an article in one language than they currently do.

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“Having an automated system working for you instead of humans and almost delivering the same quality helped us manage our budget and expenses. Choosing Weglot allowed us to invest in projects that we wouldn’t simply have the money for if we didn’t choose them.”

A safe SEO multilingual solution

When considering going multilingual, the team at TheGlobalGaming was also looking for something that was safe in terms of SEO.

They put a lot of effort and energy into creating well-put-together SEO-optimized gaming articles for their site, so ensuring this was also the case on their translated versions was important.

Translating the words on their website was only part of the internationalization process. They also needed everything running in the background, including hreflang tags, metadata, as well as slugs to be translated or set up.

“Weglot was the perfect solution for us. Nowadays international URLs brought and developed by Weglot are defining 35% of our traffic at TheGlobalGaming which is more than we would have ever imagined.”

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Thanks to Weglot, not only is the TheGlobalGaming website translated for dozens of new markets, but it also benefited from using a multilingual solution that takes SEO into account.

Overall, they saw a 35% increase in traffic, half a million page views in one month alone from international traffic, and a multilingual solution that can be left almost completely on autopilot.

Using Weglot has saved the team countless hours of manual work and allowed them to spend vital internal resources on other projects.

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