Guide: Best practices for translating a website

Download this free guide to learn exactly what’s needed to complete a thoroughly translated and localized website without relying on an outdated traditional translation method.
Best practices for translating a website

Translating your website helps you reach new audiences, launch in new markets and establish an advantage over your competitors.

For global brands, getting website translation right is important as your website is the first point of contact many potential customers have with your business.

Included in this website translation guide are valuable insights for the following sections, along with helpful tips and a case study:

  • Website internationalization 
    Prepping your website for handling multiple languages.
  • How to translate the words on your website
    Understanding the translation process and the solutions available.
  • Understanding website localization 
    Deepening your website localization knowledge to extend to more than just the words on your website. 
  • Enhancing your translation quality
    Best practices for improving the quality of translation displayed on your website. 
  • International SEO 
    The final step in the translation process, getting your website found by your potential new customers. 

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Website internationalization

The process of ensuring your website is set up to handle different languages and your overall website architecture is able to accommodate multiple languages.

Website translation

There are several methods to look at when translating the words on your website. From professional translation, to using a website translation solution – which option meets your needs? 

Website localization

For a fully translated website, it’s important to go further than just the content on your site. We take a look at imagery, colors, punctuation and idioms. 

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