Jimdo Setup Guide

weglot jimdo setup logo Jimdo Setup Guide

This setup guide describes how to translate your Jimdo website with Weglot.

1) Create an account on Weglot

This account is where you’ll be able to view and manage all your translations. Simply create a Weglot account here.


2) Install the Weglot library

ou will need to paste the JavaScript snippet provided to you when registering for your Weglot account  into the appropriate box on your Jimdo website admin space.

It’s easy, you just need to do the following steps (also shown in the GIF below):

Jimdo JavaScript snippet
  • Go to your Jimdo admin area, then click on “Menu” > “Settings” > “Edit Head”
  • Paste the JavaScript snippet provided to you in your Weglot account. It should  look like the one in the screenshot below, except it’ll contain your actual API key instead of the placeholder “YOUR_API_KEY”
  • Click on “Save”.

3) You’re all done!

Finished! If you go to your website, you’ll now see the language-switch button appear at the very bottom right. You can try to change the language and you will see your translated website.

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