Translate your Unstack website

Scale your marketing efforts by going multilingual with no-code tool Weglot

If you’re looking to translate your Unstack built website, landing page, blog content, and more then you’ve come to the right place. Weglot, another no-code tool, echoes exactly the same principles as Unstack – there’s not a line of code in sight. 

Weglot gives you a simple, fast integration that removes the pain of multiple websites for your different markets. Weglot detects, translates, and displays the content of your website under language subdomains – completely automatically. 

Then, manage your translations in Weglot’s user-friendly interface where you can choose to manually edit your machine translations, add teammates to your project, or order pro translators.

Like Unstack, you don’t need a developer – so you can go multilingual in minutes.  

Key benefits

No-code: just a simple 4 step process

Easy translations management: make manual edits through Welgot’s Visual Editor

Multilingual SEO: get found in your new markets with a solution that follows Google SEO best practices

Customize your language switcher: change the design and position without any code

Expert support team: reactive support on hand

A multilingual Unstack website 

Check out our multilingual Unstack website – in French, Spanish, and German. Use the language-switcher to change between languages and take a look at the language subdomains!

Weglot Unstack multilingual website

How to add Weglot to your Unstack website

Step 1: Create an account with Weglot

Once you’ve confirmed your account the next step is to name your project and select your website technology, in your case select ‘Other’.

screenshot of choosing 'other' technology on Weglot setup page

Step 2: Add your new languages

In the next step you’ll be prompted to add your domain URL, your current website language, and then the languages you want to add.

dreamweaver add languages

Step 3: Create language subdomains

Important for your multilingual SEO, this step sets up your language subdomains, e.g. https://es.mywebsite/ (for a Spanish version). 

You will need access to your domain name provider account. The following video demonstrates the process with GoDaddy – check our videos for other domain name providers or contact us at

When adding your CNAME entries (as shown in the video), ‘name’ will be filled by the language code given to you in the Weglot setup process and the ‘data’ section is always ‘’. 

After saving your new entries in your domain name provider, go back to your Weglot account and click on the ‘Check DNS’ button. This should turn green but can take up to 10 minutes to do so.

Step 4: Add your language switcher

In this final step, you’ll add your language-switcher. Copy and paste the piece of code currently showing in your Weglot set up process.

screenshot of javacode for dreamweaver multilingual

Paste this into your Unstack dashboard in ‘Integrations’ > ‘Custom’ > click on the +.  Name the integration ‘Weglot’, the ‘Page Placement’ should read ‘Head’ then paste the code in the box: 

weglot code in unstack

Click ‘Save’.

Your Unstack website is now translated!

Here’s your video tour of the Weglot Dashboard to get you started

Translate your Unstack website now
Make your Unstack website multilingual in minutes - without code
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