Guide: How to use machine translation on your website

Download this free guide and learn how to make the most of machine translation when translating your site. 

Today, marketing to a global audience means ensuring there are no language barriers stoping you from communicating with your potential customers.

Your online presence is the first place a customer will get to know your brand and ensuring it’s in the their language is key to making a conversion.

But, the words ‘machine translation’ can be off putting for many, simply because marketers are unaware of the benefits it can have when it comes to launching a translated website.

Included in this machine translation guide are valuable insights and actionable tips:

  • A Brief History of Machine Translation
    Learn how machine translation came to be and see where the industry is right now.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Machine Translation
    A look at the the benefits of machine translation, but also the drawbacks.
  • Website Translation Processes
    Here we’ll discuss strategies for effectively translating your content.
  • Best Practices for Your Website
    Practical tips for avoiding common translation pitfalls

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