Translate your Shopify website

Below is a step by step guide to integrate Weglot to your Shopify website.

1) Go to your admin dashboard and click on "Apps" and "Visit Shopify App Store". Then search for Weglot app and click on "Get".

2) Click "Install App".

3) Create your Weglot account by entering an email and password.

4) Choose your original and your destination languages.

In this example, your website is in English and you want it in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

5) It's done, your website will now have the translation button and you can try to switch languages. Then you can go the Weglot app settings.

6) This is the main dashboard where you can configure options.

7) Translating email notification

If you want to translate the email notifications (for instance, when a customer order on your store) follow this tutorial.