Frequently asked questions

General information

Why Weglot Translate?

  • Fully compatible with every Theme and App: Weglot translates every string on the page.
  • Turnkey solution: no coding or complex setup required, installed and ready in 5 minutes.
  • Content is automatically detected and translated.
  • A unique and single place to manage all your translations, edit and improve machine translations provided.
  • SEO-ready and optimized in new languages: translated pages will have their dedicated URLs, following Google best practices guidance for multilingual (hreflang tags automatically created).
  • Access to professional translators to order pro translations (under development).
  • Customizable language switcher button.
  • More than 60 translation languages are available.

Pricing & plans information

Is Weglot free?

Weglot Translate offers a 10 days trial period for every new subscription, allowing you to try it out and make a decision.
After this trial, you can use the free plan if your website has less than 2000 words in total. If your website contains more than 2000 words, you will need to purchase a plan.
You can check your number of words in your account.

What Plan should I purchase for my website?

You can check pricing here.
It depends of how many languages you want and how many words you will have to translate. You can estimate it by looking at the number of pages in your website and the average number of words on each pages.
You can also ask us at support@weglot.com if you need advice.

The service has been suspended on my website, why?

If the plugin has stopped translating your pages and you can see this band in your Weglot dashboard

It means that the 10 days trial ended and that you are not eligible to our free plan as you have more than 2000 words. You will need to purchase a plan here.
Once it's done, go in the Weglot settings page of your backend dashboard and click on "Save changes" in order to update your account. The service will be reactivated.


How can I edit my translations?

Go to your dashboard

dashboard path

You can use two different tools to edit your translations:

  • In-context editor (green button at the top of your dashboard)
    Please note that the In-context editor is only available for non locally hosted and non password protected websites.

    Edit your translations while being and navigating on your website at the same time. Click on the green pencil button, translations will pop-up and you’ll be able to change them.
    All your changes are instantly saved and automatically displayed.

  • Translation strings list (in your dashboard)
    Available for all websites.

    Use the search bar at the top to find and search translations you would like to edit. Click in the translations field on the right to modify them. You can also find media (image and video) and SEO tags.
    All your changes are instantly saved and automatically displayed.

I edited the translations but my corrections aren't displayed on my website?

The first thing to do is to clear your website’s and browser’s cache.
If you still meet this problem you can use your dashboard search bar and look for wrong translations and check if a translation appears. Then edit it.

How can I exclude a page from being translated?

By default, every page is translated. You can exclude entire pages from translation.
You can easily do it from your website admin dashboard.

  • Go on the Weglot settings page
  • Find the Exclusion section "Exclude URL"
  • Enter the "/page-to-exclude" and save.
    Let’s say you want to exclude the page www.yourwebsite.com/blog, you’ll just have to enter “/blog”.
  • If you want to exclude multiple pages, use commas as separation marks. So if you would like to exclude /blog and /contact-us, use the following syntax /blog,/contact-us
    You can also use regular expression. For example if you enter /blog/ , all the URL containing /blog/ will be excluded.

How can I exclude a block from being translated?

You can easily do it from your website backend dashboard.

  • Go on the Weglot settings page
  • Find the “Exclude blocks” section
  • Enter the CSS selectors or HTML tags of the block you want to exclude.
    If you are not familiar with this you can contact our support team via the live chat or by email, we’ll be happy to help.
  • If you want to exclude multiple blocks, use commas as separation marks. For example:

Can I set up translation options?

In your dashboard, you can setup translations rules if you want a word or a sentence to never be translated by Weglot. It can be usefull if you don't want a name or a brand to be translated.
To use this, click on "Translations Options" from your dashboard in Weglot and enter your rules. Please note that rules are case sensitive and only apply to new translations.
You can also use the "Search and Replace" function to replace automatic translations from your dashboard.

Can I translate/have different images or videos for the translated version?

Go to your dashboard translation strings list. Use the search bar at the top to search and find the URL of the image/video displayed in the original version.
Replace the URL of the translated version at the right by the the URL of the image/video you want to display in other languages.

Technical issues

I get an error when activating the plugin

If you get this error message when trying to activate the plugin :
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_String in ..... /plugins/weglot/weglot.php on line
it could mean that your current PHP version is not recent enough to work with Weglot. Weglot needs at least PHP 5.3
Check your PHP version and update it if necessary.

I get a 404 error message when clicking on a flag/language

If you get this error message when trying to switch the language on your website, here is what you need to do:
Check if the “rewrite rule” module is enabled on your website. You can contact your hosting provider about this matter and ask to enable it.
Deactivate the plugin and check what are your current permalinks settings. If “plain” is selected, choose another option and reactivate the plugin.

I want my website to be displayed in the visitor’s language

Weglot proposes the auto-switch option (not available in the free plan).
How does it work? The language of the visitor’s browser will be detected and your website will automatically be displayed in its language.