Weglot for GitHub Students

A special offer for students enrolled in the GitHub Student Developer Pack

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About Weglot

Weglot provides a powerful solution to make your website multilingual and manage your translations. Connect Weglot to your website via your DNS or our CMS specific integration (WordPress, Shopify) and let Weglot do the work for you. Our API will detect all your website content and deliver it in any language (100+). No maintenance, no i18n pain. Weglot is already trusted by more than 50,000 websites and works with all CMS and web technologies.

Special offer for registered GitHub Student

If you are registered with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you are eligible to a free Weglot Pro plan for 1 year.

The Weglot Pro plan includes:

5 translated languages

Up to 200,000 translated words

Access to professional translators

Use Weglot on up to 3 different domains

Translated pageviews statistics

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Weglot offer FAQ

How can I apply for the Weglot offer in the GitHub Student Developer Pack?

You can apply for the program in three easy steps:
– Join the GitHub Student Developer Pack.
– Sign up for a free Weglot account, or if you already have one, log in to your account.
– Redeem your student’s offer on this page.

How can I check if I received my free Weglot Pro plan?

Once you’ve been approved for you Weglot Pro plan, you will automatically gain access to the Weglot dashboard with all the benefits of the Pro plan.

Do I need a credit card to redeem the Weglot Pro plan?

A credit card is not required, once signed up you will receive the plan for free, for one year.

How can I keep up with what’s new at Weglot?

Stay in touch with us via Twitter and Facebook. We’re also constantly updating our blog with new articles.

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact us at support@weglot.com

Get the free student offer
Enroll in the GitHub Student Developer Pack to gain access to the Weglot Pro plan!