Translate your Adobe Dreamweaver website

A multilingual website in minutes

For those using Adobe Dreamweaver to build your website, you might have been disappointed to learn that you cannot translate your site natively. 

Luckily for users of this website building platform – Weglot can take care of the translation side of things. Even better? The integration is lightweight, fast and your website can be multilingual in just minutes. 

How does Weglot work? Adding Weglot to your Adobe Dreamweaver website is a simple 4 step process listed below. Weglot then automatically detects the content on your website, translates it using a first layer of machine translation, and displays it under language-specific subdomains. 

The only manual work from your side is deciding whether to edit your machine translations. This can be done by you, teammates, or even by ordering professional translators directly from your Weglot account dashboard.

Key benefits

Easy to install – no developer time required

Simple translations management – choose your translation quality with machine, manual or professional

Multilingual SEO ready – get found in your new markets

Visually edit your translations in the context of your website

The very best in customer support account manager + solution engineer to guide you

How to add Weglot to your Adobe Dreamweaver website

Step 1: Create a Weglot account

This is where you’ll manage your website translations, manage your translation settings and other customizations depending on your needs. Create account.

You’ll then receive a validation email that will take you to the Weglot Dashboard and the setup page.

Add a project name (e.g. your website name) and select your ‘Website technology’ – in your case it’s ‘Other’.

screenshot of choosing 'other' technology on Weglot setup page

Step 2: Add your new languages

The next step is to add the URL of your website, the original language of your website, and the languages you’d like to translate it into.

dreamweaver add languages

Step 3: Create your subdomains (important for multilingual SEO)

Here you’ll create your new language subdomains, e.g. fr.mywebsite (French example). You’ll need to connect your DNS records, so you’ll need access to your domain name provider account to do this.

Note: this example is using Google Domains, however, the process is similar to other domain name providers. Contact us if you need any help:

In your Weglot account setup process you should see your DNS entries, similar to the screenshot below. (This example is showing French).

dns entries

Go to your domain name provider account and find the ‘DNS’ tab. You’ll need to create new entries in the section that should be called ‘custom resource records’ or something similar. 

Select CNAME as the ‘type’, enter your 2 letter language code given in the previous step in the ‘name’ section and ‘’ in the ‘data’ section. 

Click save and then go back to your Weglot Dashboard and click on the green ‘Check DNS’ button. This can take a couple of minutes or even 10, so don’t be surprised if the green tick hasn’t appeared immediately next to your DNS records. 

Step 4: Add your language switcher

Here you’ll need to copy and paste a piece of code from your Weglot account setup into Dreamweaver.

screenshot of javacode for dreamweaver multilingual

In Dreamweaver, open up your ‘Template HTML page’ and paste the code inside the ‘Head’ section.  

If you need help with this step – please reach out to our support team at: 

Your Adobe Dreamweaver website is now multilingual!

Visit your website and you’ll see we’ve added a language switcher in the bottom right corner (edit the design and position in your Weglot Dashboard). Switch between the languages and see your new translations! 

Machine translation not for you? Head on in to your Weglot Dashboard and make manual changes, add your own translators or order professional translations to make edits to meet your preferred translation quality. 

Here’s your tour of the Weglot Dashboard to get you started

Translate your Adobe Dreamweaver website today
Try Weglot now by following the installation guide or contact us for more information.