Shopware multilingual solution

Integrate Weglot with your Shopware store and translate your website, pages, promotions, and banners to give a completely personalized experience to your website visitors.
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Even with a native multilingual solution available, Weglot gives you the competitive edge you need to move faster in today’s markets.


Integrate Weglot in under 10 minutes, without code or developer resources. Launch your store in minutes and remove the manual process of website translation.

Automatic and human translation

Translates 100% of your store. Weglot combines automatic translation and gives you full editing and management control over your translations.

Key features

Automatic content detection: Weglot automatically syncs with your store to ensure that any newly added or updated content (such as new products) is instantly translated and displayed on your store so you never need to worry about untranslated content.

Manage one store: Your translated store is automatically displayed under language-specific subdirectories/subdomains, removing the pain of managing multiple stores for multiple countries.

Multilingual SEO: Get found by your customers with automatically implemented multilingual SEO features that help your store get indexed quickly, including hreflang tags and translated metadata.

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Launch your multilingual Shopware store in minutes following our quick tutorial. Check out our demo store to see Weglot and Shopware in action. 

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