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Weglot Translate – available on the Wix App Store – makes your Wix site multilingual in minutes, without any code. It combines both the translation and the displaying part needed to fully translate a Wix website.

Whilst Wix does have a multilingual feature, it’s only suitable for those that have the time and language skills to translate all of the content of their site manually. Weglot differs by supplying a fast first layer of automatic translation which you can then manually edit and approve through your Weglot dashboard.

In just 4 steps you can have a multilingual Wix site up and running, without having to manually duplicate all your pages yourself and with a front-end language button for your site visitors to switch between.

The best part of Weglot? Any Wix app you’ve added to your site will also be fully translated – including Wix Bookings and your checkout (if you’re selling products).

Key benefits

A light and quick setup: You don’t need any coding experience to install Weglot through the Wix App Store – it only takes a few minutes.

Translate all your Wix website: Get all your content translated—from text, to images, to metadata.

Get SEO optimized pages for translations: All your pages are indexed by Google (and that translated metadata makes your keywords multilingual, too).

Accelerate your translation process: Get access to a primary speed round of automatic translation before diving into your own manual fixes, with easy-to-use editing tools.

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Before digging into how you can actually accomplish all this, you can see an example of what a Weglot-translated Wix website looks like with our demo, on display here.


You can see the language-switch button at the bottom right, which allows you to change between English, French, Spanish and Hebrew in this particular example.

The English version is on

The French version is on

The Spanish version is on

The Hebrew version is on

How to make a Wix multilingual website

IMPORTANT: If you’ve yet to purchase your official domain name and are currently using a temporary Wix domain e.g. – you should follow this integration instead.

1) Find Weglot Translate on the Wix App Store

Head to the Wix App Store and search for Weglot Translate. Click on ‘Add to Site’

Weglot Translate Wix App Store

You’ll be asked to give Weglot Translate access, click ‘Allow and Add’. 

2) Sign up for Weglot account

Next, create a Weglot account (this is where you’ll manage your translations). If you already have a Weglot account, you can simply sign in.

create account Weglot Wix

You’ll then be prompted to ‘Create a new project’ and give your project a name, for example, the name of your website. Then click ‘Save’. 

create project wix app store

3) Add languages

In the next step select the original language of your website, then in the ‘Destination Languages’ drop-down, choose which languages you want to add to your Wix website. 

add languages in Wix app store

Click Save. Your Wix website is now live! But to ensure you’re multilingual SEO ready, you’ll want to set up your subdomains. 

4) Set up language-specific subdomains

To set up your language-specific subdomains (e.g. https://fr.mywebsite/ if your website is in French), click on ‘Activate subdomains’ from your Wix dashboard. 

add subdomains

This will take you to your Weglot Dashboard. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Setup’. Scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle on ‘Enable Subdomains’. 

enable subdomains Wix Weglot

A pop-up will then ask you to click on ‘Enable’. 

The next screen will ask you to add your domain name, then click ‘Next’. Your original language and translated languages will already be added. 

dns set up weglot wix

Then your DNS settings will be displayed (the language code will differ depending on the languages you’ve added).

check dns settings wix weglot integration

To add them, go to your Wix ‘Settings’ then ‘Manage Domain’. Click on the 3 dots and ‘Manage DNS Records’. 

Scroll down to CNAME and ‘+ Record’. The ‘Host Name’ will be the 2 letter language code given to you in your Weglot Dashboard and the ‘Value’ is ‘’. Click ‘Save Changes’.

DNS setting in Wix

Bought your domain outside of Wix?
The process will differ slightly. You will need to go to your account of your domain name provider and access the DNS section to add the entries. Check out our DNS videos or email us at

Go back to your Weglot Dashboard and click on the ‘Check DNS’ button, the red crosses will turn to green ticks when this has been finalized – this can take up to 10 minutes. 

Note: you do not need to add the javascript code shown in the setting as you’re using the Wix app integration. 

A multilingual Wix website!

That’s it, you’ve successfully created a multilingual Wix website in just a few steps and with SEO-friendly language subdomains. You can start editing your website translation easily from the Weglot dashboard or with our Visual Editor. 

If you need any help, email us at

Make your Wix website multilingual within minutes
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