WordPress Translation Plugin

Translate your WordPress website into multiple languages within minutes.

Weglot has been on WordPress since our very beginnings. Our WordPress plugin is tried and true—so you can expect high-quality translations for your site, no coding experience or shortcuts required.

There are quite a few translation plugins available on the WordPress Store, but Weglot does things a little differently. Not only do we translate your entire site automatically (so, literally, in milliseconds), but we also give you access to a user-friendly dashboard space where you can customize your translations to your own tastes. You’re in complete control every step of the way, while our plugin does the hard work.

Plus, you know we’re legit as Weglot is trusted by more than 20,000 WordPress websites. 

With a rating over 4.9 and more than 850 reviews, Weglot Translate plugin is the best rated multilingual plugin on WordPress directory.

Key Benefits

Quick install: Select your languages and you’re good to go within 5 minutes (or less!). No code required.

100% Compatible: Weglot is compatible with every WordPress theme and plugin. It’s even compatible with Page Builders (such as Elementor) and Gutenberg editor!

Simple translations management: Get a first round of automatic translations, then easily verify them or ask a translator to do so.

SEO-optimized: Weglot follows Google’s SEO best practices. It translates all of your metadata and automatically adds hreflang tags.

Customizable language button: Keep your language switcher in a style consistent with the look and feel of your pages.

Unparalleled customer support: Our support team is always here to help you. We are experts on multilingual websites, multilingual SEO, and we know WordPress.

Weglot dancing character

Want to see what the final product looks like?

Check out our sample WordPress sites (there are a bunch, using plugins like WooCommerce, and many more).

woocommerce Weglot demo

On each sample site, you’ll see a language-switch button at the bottom right corner of the page or integrated into the navigation menu, depending on the design. Try changing languages to see how it works.

You can launch a multilingual WordPress site, too.

The Weglot WordPress plugin is simple to install via the WordPress Store, but we’ve hashed out all the steps you’ll need to take below for a perfectly seamless integration.

1. Find our plugin on WordPress.

Go to your admin dashboard on WordPress. On your side menu, click on “Plugins” > “Add New.” In the search bar that appears, search for “Weglot.”

Weglot wordpress setup guide 1
weglot wordpress setupguide 2

2. Install and activate the Weglot plugin.

Once you’ve found us, go ahead and click “Install Now.”

weglot wordpress setup guide 3

When it’s been installed, click “Activate.”

weglot wordpress setup guide 4

3. Find your new Weglot tab.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin properly, you should have a new “Weglot” tab on the sidebar menu of your admin dashboard.

weglot wordpress setup tab

Click on it to finalize your configuration.

4. Enter your languages and API key.

Here, you’ll be able to enter the unique API key—available on your Weglot account dashboard (you’ll have to login or create an account to get access to this).

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the option to select the original language of your WordPress site—the one you created the site in—then, of course, the language(s) into which you’d like to translate your site.

weglot wordpress setup guide 6

Click “Save Changes” when you’re all done.

5. Your multilingual site is live!

Now, you can customize your translations and change the style and position of your language-switch button—all within the Weglot tab on your WordPress admin dashboard.

weglot wordpress switcher options

You can also view and edit all of your translations from your Weglot dashboard, under the “Translations” tab. For more info on how to manually edit and manage your translations via your Weglot account, check out our support article on the subject here.

The best way to understand the power of Weglot is to see it for yourself. Get your website multilingual live in minutes.
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