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Crispin (Customer)

Checkout Page on Shopify

Hi, could you tell me how I could traslate custom words in my checkout page? I added some extra text there, but I can;t figure out how to translate theese words to other langugages. All default text in the checkout page is translated except new ones that I added. Could you let me know how to translate new ones too?

Max (Weglot Support)


Thanks for your message.

Please note that the checkout pages won't be detected by Weglot as they belong to another domain, it's not your website anymore so the translations will be directly handled by Shopify (for a certain number of supported languages, handled and monitored by Shopify).

But if a visitor translates your website in a language and then goes to the checkout page, the language he chose will be remembered and the checkout will appear in this language (if supported by Shopify), even if it's not Weglot anymore.

However, it is possible to edit checkout translations. More info here: Shopify - Edition - How to edit the Shopify checkout page translations?

I remain at your disposal if you have any other question.
Have a nice day,

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