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Jay-Jay (Customer)

When I edit my original content does it keep my human reviewed translation ?

Hi Max,

I have a question regarding the Weglot translation. If the translation has already been "Human Reviewed" on an existing section of the webpage and we then make edits to that same section of the website, what happens to the "Human Reviewed"? Does it stay the same as it was originally corrected or revert back to computer translated?


Max (Weglot Support)

Hi Jay-Jay,

Indeed when you edit your original content it creates new strings (machine translated) because the old ones don't match anymore with the content. You need to review them again with new strings added in your Translations list.

Let me know if you have any other question.

Jay-Jay (Customer)

Thank you Max! That makes total sense.

Max (Weglot Support)

No problem!

I remain at your disposal if you have any other question.
Have a nice day,

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