CSV Import


I have a woocomerce website, and I have a few thousand of products. I have imported items in store....via csv file.
It is posible to manage translations somehow with multiple csv files. Let say, i want to import one file for english, one file for spanish..and so on??


Hi Bobby,

It's not possible to import a CSV file yet.

However, I informed the dev team about that and they will think about it.

Then, if you want to edit translations, you can use:

- [Translations list](https://dashboard.weglot.com/translations/), to modify them from your [Weglot Dashboard](https://dashboard.weglot.com/)
- [Visual Editor](https://dashboard.weglot.com/visual-editor/home), to modify them directly from your website
Get more info here: [How to edit my translations?](http://support.weglot.com/article/128-how-to-edit-my-translations)

Let me know if you need help.