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John (Customer)

Translation List

Dear Support
I have 2 related questions:

  1. I use Weglot with jimdo. Whenever I change a letter or a format on the same element, I always get a new machine translation in the translation list (not a new version). This is very nasty, since I have to review and adapt all the new translations. Why is there no serious versioning where I can choose what version to keep? Is there a trick to stop this new elements popping up?
  2. I got a message that I can choose in the settings that only human reviewed translations will be showed. But I only find a button to turn off an on translations. Where can I set this behavior?

    Thx, :)

Max (Weglot Support)

Hi John,

Indeed when you edit your original content it creates new strings because the old ones don't match anymore.
However, I informed the dev team about your request and they will think about it.

Regarding your second question, I invite to follow this article which will show you how to display only human translations on your website: How to only display human translations on my website?

Let me know if you have any other question.

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