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Bobby (Customer)

Change main language


I read great reviews about your plugin and willing to try it, and eventually upgrade, because the site is more than 2000 words. But before I do so, I need to know something important for me: I currently build the site in English and will translate it to French. So for that, the main language will be English. After it is done, we will need to continue in French as the main language and the translations go to English (swapping the main language, after the two languages are there). I wanted to know if it is possible to swap later-on, and that the main language will be a different one. I don't mind if the main URL will be always English, but that we put content in French and to be able to use the Weglot to translate to English.

Please let me know if it is possible.
Thank you in advance

Max (Weglot Support)


Your original language has to be the one you use to build your website. It's not possible to switch the original language unless you re-build your website in French.

Let me know if you have any other question.

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