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Daanyaal (Customer)

Problem to translate my website


I just downloaded your application on Wordpress.
My website is in French, and I would like to add an English version.
I have set everything after watched a tutorial, then the languages flags appear on the main page, but when I click on the English flag it doesn't work, I have a 404 error:

Not Found
The requested URL /en/ was not found on this server.

Can you help me to fix this problem?

In advance thanks,
Best regards

Max (Weglot Support)


Thanks for your message.

It seems to be a Permalinks issue. To fix it:

  1. Go to your WordPress admin, in Settings > Permalinks
  2. Select anything but NOT the first choice ("plain") and make sure you don't have /index.php in your URLs.
  3. Save your changes
  4. Refresh your web page and it should be working

    More info here: WordPress - Troubleshooting - I see a page not found (404 error) when changing language

    You can also check if your rewrite rule module is correctly enabled.
    If not, it could be the issue.
    In that case, I invite to ask your hosting provider which will tell you how to do.

    Let me know if you need help with it.
    Have a nice day,

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