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Kevin (Customer)

Exclude some pages from translation


Quick question for you. Is it possible to restrict Weglot to certain pages or sections of a website?

The site we'd like to run it on only wants some of their content available for translation.


Max (Weglot Support)

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the message!

Indeed, Weglot offers the users' the possibility to exclude some pages or sections of a website from translation.
To do that, you can whether exclude the whole URL or the block which contains the content that you don't want to translate.

However, as you probably had your whole website translated already, you will also want to have those excluded contents to be removed from your Translation List.
So after you excluded those undesired content from translation, make sure to also remove them manually from the Translation List so that they'll never appear again.

Let me know if you need extra information,

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