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Jasper (Customer)

Weglot on your Shopify store

I've installed it but and tried to move the language button but I can't get it to be sticky. I'd like to move it to the left side similar to the default position. How can I achieve this because it sort of conflicts with my chatbox.

Max (Weglot Support)


Thanks for your message.

To move the switcher to the left bottom, please go to your Shopify Dashboard > Apps > Weglot > select "Back to default position" and go to Custom CSS to enter this code:

.wg-default {
right: auto!important;
float: left!important;

If it doesn't work, please provide me a Staff Account.

Keep me informed.

Jasper (Customer)

OK that work. Thanks.

Max (Weglot Support)


Have a great day,

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