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Increase your conversion rate

72.4% of consumers are more likely to buy a product in their own language.

Adding languages to your store allows you to reach and speak to new people all over the world.

Fast, easy integration

Without a single line of code your Shopify store can go from 1 language to 100+.

First round of machine translation with full post editing capabilities to create your translation mix.

Multilingual SEO ready

Weglot follows Google’s best practices for multilingual SEO.

Use a translation solution that also helps you get found in your new markets. Start selling internationally, instantly!

Weglot makes Shopify store translation easy

In minutes (and we mean minutes) Weglot translates and displays the content of your Shopify store into multiple languages.

While you focus on putting your best products forward, Weglot takes care of the technical, translation and SEO aspects of translating your Shopify store for global success. A simple installation and a user-friendly interface for managing your translations, means you’ll be able to reach your new customers by speaking their language.

language switcher to switch between different languages
language switcher to switch between different languages

Join thousands of big brands using Weglot to go international

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Launch in new markets instantly

Tired of delaying your Shopify localization project? We’ve removed the pain of having to manage multiple stores for multiple markets. 

Add the Weglot Shopify translate app in minutes and use a solution that centralizes and automates your store translations.

Goodbye manual work

New products to launch? Weglot will automatically detect, translate and display any new content on your translated website. Automation is what we do!


Compatible with all Shopify Themes and Apps. Including: Pagefly, Klaviyo, Sufio…Don’t change the way you designed your store to go multilingual.

Get found by your new customers

Website translation without multilingual SEO is like the sky without stars, but no, seriously…there’s little point translating your website if you’re not going to be found in your new markets. 

Luckily, Weglot takes care of that side of things too – added hreflang tags, language specific URLs and translated metadata ensures you’ll be visible in search results in your new target markets.

Hello personalization

Switch on Weglot’s redirect by browser language so you never need to worry about your customers landing on the right language site.

Show up on all search results with multilingual SEO
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A 10x increase in international turnover? That's what Jimmy Fairly achieved after translating their Shopify store with Weglot
Don’t miss out on a new market. Get your Shopify store translated in just a few clicks with Weglot