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Freelance FAQ

Find below some of the most common questions you might need answers to while integrating Weglot on one of your client’s website. This FAQ is divided in 2 parts:

  • Managing your Weglot project with a client

  • Useful resources for agencies and freelancers


Managing a Weglot project with a client

Account management 

How do I add team members?

This feature can be helpful to you if you want to give access to your agency team or to your clients. You can give different levels of access to your team members (Translator or Manager) You’ll find more details on our doc here.

  1. Head over to “Settings” > “Teams” on your Weglot dashboard.

  2. Click on “Add members”. 

  3. Choose the role permission and enter the email address. The role will determine what features and content they’ll have access to. 

  4. Click on “Save changes”.

Important: You must be on a Pro plan or above to be able to invite Project members. Still on a testing or staging phase but you want to invite a client? Please send us an email at support@weglot.com.

Learn more: https://support.weglot.com/article/137-how-to-add-members-to-my-project 

What’s the best way to manage a Weglot project with a client?

You’re about to integrate Weglot on a client’s website for the first time and you’re wondering the best way to do it? Should I sign up myself or ask my client to do so?

The question you have to ask yourself is: who should be in charge of the payments of the Weglot subscription?

If you will be in charge of these payments. The best practice is to create a master account for your agency to manage your different projects / clients:

  1. Create a Weglot account with one of your agency’s email addresses. It can be a personal or a generic one.

  2. Integrate Weglot on your first client’s website as you would normally do.

  3. (Optional) Add your client as Team Member of the project.

  4. When you have a new client, click on the + on the top left of your Weglot Dashboard and follow the instructions as you normally do.

Important: You must be on a Pro plan or above to be able to manage different projects on the same account.

If your clients will be in charge of the payments, the best practice is to create different accounts for each client:

The best practice is to create a master account for your agency to manage your different projects / clients.

  1. Create a new Weglot account with one of your agency’s email addresses. It can be a personal or a generic one. 

  2. Integrate Weglot on your client’s website as you would normally do.

  3. Once Weglot is integrated, transfer the Weglot account to your client by changing the email address linked to the account. Take a look at the next question to find out how to do this.

As always, if you have any questions, contact our support team at: support@weglot.com

If you’re part of our Affiliate program, this process will prevent you from adding your client to your promoter’s list. Contact us and we will manually add them for you. 

How do I transfer a project to my client? 

Transferring a Weglot project to your client might include two parts:

  • Transferring the project management capabilities within the Weglot dashboard
  • Updating the billing and payment info (For more on this,  take a look at the next question)

In terms of project management,  you may have found yourself in one of the two following scenarios:

A – You’ve created a Weglot account using your own/your agency’s email address,and only have 1 Weglot project for a single client on the account.

If this is  the case, all you have to do is go up to your account settings by clicking on your circular profile picture at the top right of the dashboard and hitting “Account.”

There, you can modify the email address to which the account is linked on the first line of the “Settings” block:

Replace your/your agency’s address with your client’s, then click on “Save Changes.” The account, along with its associated project, will now be linked to your client’s email address rather than yours.

Your client can now reset the password for the Weglot account that is now linked to their email address:

  1. Go to: https://dashboard.weglot.com/login

  2. Click “Forgot your password?”

  3. Enter the new email address linked to the account

B – You’ve created a Weglot account using your own/your agency’s email address but you have several different clients’ projects on it.

You only want to transfer one of these projects, while keeping your other projects under your Agency account.


In this scenario, you’ll want to contact us at support@weglot.com. We’ll take care of the transfer to your client for you. Please specify:

  • Your Weglot agency account
  • The project you want to transfer
  • Your client email address that will be the new owner of the project

How do I update the billing information / transfer the subscription to my client?

Perhaps you’ve subscribed to Weglot yourself during the development phase and you now want to transfer the subscription to your client. To update the billing and payment details, you need to send us a message at support@weglot.com. We will replace your/your agency’s payment information with your client’s as soon as we process your request, which is usually  dealt with in less than 1 working day (Monday-Friday).

How do subscription upgrades work? When should I warn my client about an automatic upgrade? 

You or your client can switch plans at any time via your Weglot dashboard.

A Weglot subscription will be automatically upgraded to the next plan if the total number of translated words available on the owner’s account is exceeded. While you are still managing your client’s project, we advise that you check the project’s word count regularly to make sure that you aren’t nearing the limit allowed by your plan.

If you would like to go back to a lower-level plan after getting automatically upgraded (keeping in mind that this will cause certain translated pages to no longer be available due to the lower imposed word limit), contact us on support@weglot.com.

Translation management 

My client wants to manage their own translations. 

You can add your client and/or their associates (designers, developers, in-house translators, etc) as Members to the project in question at any time.

  1. Head over to “Settings” > “Teams” on your Weglot dashboard.

  2. Click on “Add members” Scroll down to the “Project Members” section. Here, you can add clients and associates by entering their email addresses.

  3. Here you can add clients and associates by entering their email addresses and role you want to give them. 

My client wants to manage their own translations - Agency & Freelance FAQ

You can then indicate each team member’s role, which will determine what features and content they’ll have access to. Reference: https://support.weglot.com/article/137-how-to-add-members-to-my-project 

My client works with their own translators, and wants them to be part of the translation process.

Your client can add their own translators to their project by following the same steps described above (for adding a client/associate to a project as a Member). You can also add your client’s translators yourself. 

  1. Go into “Settings” > “Team” on your Weglot dashboard.

  2. Here, you can add team members by clicking on “Add members” and by entering their email addresses. Make sure to define their role as “Translator” rather than “Member.”

Important: You need to be on a Pro plan or higher to be able to invite members.

My client wants me to take care of the entire translation process. 

First and foremost, keep in mind that you won’t necessarily have to get the entire site translated by a human translator; Weglot starts out by giving you a round of full-site automatic translation.  

However, it’s often a good idea to get this layer of automatic translations looked at by a professional translator, in order to make sure that all the site’s text is as clear and eloquent as possible in all its translated versions.

Weglot offers several possibilities for getting this double-check done:

  • If your agency works with a preferred translation agency, you can add them to your client’s project.

  1. Go into “Settings” > “Team” on your Weglot dashboard.

  2. Click on “Add members”. Here, you can add translators as team members by entering their email addresses. Make sure to define their role as “Translator” rather than “Member.”

  • You don’t have a preferred translation agency? You can order professional translations directly from your Weglot dashboard. Here is how to do it.

My client already has translations from a previous website and wants to use these translations on his Weglot project.

We know that a lot of agencies are doing redesign or migrations between different websites, so if it is your case, you can import translations from a CSV or XLIFF file in order to manage these existing translations through your Weglot dashboard. Please keep in mind that it is very rare that the formatting of your file is exactly the same as the one we use at Weglot. Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Install Weglot on the old website and crawl all the content through our dashboard thanks to the button “Manage URLs”

  2. Go to your Translation List in your Weglot dashboard. In the language pairs, click on “Export” button and choose the format you want

  3. Do the same process for the new website. (You’ll have the export of the automatic translations)

  4. Make the old website translations match with the new website on the CSV or XLIFF file.

  5. Go to your new website’s Weglot project

  6. Go to your Translation list. In the language pairs, click on the “Import” button

  7. Drag and drop your CSV or XLIFF file and click on “Next”

  8. Scroll down and click on “Import Translations”

If you want to learn more about this feature you can read our specific documentation here.
My client has noticed an uptick in their total word usage. What’s going on? 

If you or your client notice that the project’s total word count has gone up even though you haven’t added any new text content to the original site, there are two possible explanations:

A – You or your client modified the original content of your site.
Weglot keeps all historical versions of your content in your translation list.

Sometimes, though, these old versions may no longer be useful to you—and yet, they still factor into the total word count of your project.

If you continue to add or modify content on your site, these old versions will still count (in addition to the new versions) in your total word count, meaning that you might exceed your plan’s word limit. You can follow this guide to delete them if you want.

B – You have/your client has visited one of your live site pages in one of the translated? languages for the first time.

If you add a new target translation language to your site, none of the new translations will be counted into your total word count until the live page has been visited in that new language.


For example, if you create a new project to translate a French site into Portuguese, your total used word count will start at 0 if you haven’t yet visited the live site in its translated (Portuguese) version.

Once you’ve visited any page of the Portuguese version, the number of words on this page will subsequently show up on the total word count.

How do I remove old translations that are no longer relevant/necessary?

To avoid exceeding your words limit after editing or deleting content, we suggest that you manually delete old translations that you no longer need. Here’s how to do so.


Useful ressources for agencies and freelancers

We are very happy and proud to closely work with web agencies and freelancers from all over the world. We know that you have specific needs so we set up a few elements in order to make the work process smoother between your agency, your clients and Weglot:

  • A dedicated contact for all your questions or feedback concerning your Weglot usage: thibaud@weglot.com. If you’re facing technical difficulties, as always, you can contact support@weglot.com

  • A specific quarterly newsletter with exclusive news concerning our product and our community

  • A Weglot presentation you can use internally or show to your clients 

  • An affiliation program for the websites you develop using Weglot

  • partner page to showcase the agencies we like to work with here at Weglot. If you want to be part of it you can submit your application here.

Check out our integration guides and get a multilingual website up and running in minutes!