Weglot Translate plugin offers the best solution to make a WordPress website multilingual.

Rated 4.8 out of 5

Weglot Translate is trusted by more than 20,000 companies in e-commerce, SaaS, marketplaces, governments, corporate websites, mobile application landing pages, blogs, etc...

With a rating over 4.8 and more than 400 reviews, Weglot Translate plugin is the best rated multilingual plugin on WordPress directory.


Weglot provides a powerful translation plugin

A clean and simple setup

Weglot Translate plugin integrates seamlessly into your WordPress website within minutes

  • 5 minutes installation, no coding required
  • Compatible with WordPress themes and plugins
  • Customizable language button design

Multilingual SEO optimized

Weglot Translate follows Google multilingual SEO best practices to ensure your translated pages will be indexed

  • Separated URLs (website.com/en/ website.com/fr/, website.com/es/, ....)
  • hreflang tags added
  • Meta data translated
  • Source code translated (no javascript translation)

Manage your translations

Easily manage your translations. Using automatic and/or manual translations

  • Choose among 60+ languages
  • Use the best automatic translation available
  • Manually edit translation though a simple and visual interface
  • Order professional translations from translation agencies

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