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Updated on September 30, 2022

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Weglot is to make managing and editing your translations as easy as possible. A feature our customers constantly rave about is our visual editor, allowing you to see and edit your translations in a live preview of your website so you know exactly the context of that translated sentence. 

And, because we always react to your feedback we’ve just leveled up our visual editor. So, let’s take a look at what’s new…

So what’s changed? 

As soon as you go to the visual editor you’ll notice straight away that we’ve made a change to how you view your translations. We’ve created a filter at the top so you can manage things similarly to how you would within the translations list. The first filter option is to choose the language pair you want to edit.

Then select automatic, manual or professional translation. This is again, much like the translations list and makes it easier for you to separate between the different types of translation quality. 

In the example here, we’ve chosen to filter by manual translation. You’ll see that the only part within the visual editor that’s highlighted in blue is the text that was manually edited. 

Filtering like this means it’s even clearer for you to see where you’ve made previous changes so you can focus only on the type of translation you want to edit. For example if you know you don’t want to touch any of your professional translations, then simply don’t include it within your filter and it won’t be highlighted. 

You can of course, select all three filters to see where on the page you’ve chosen to keep automated translation, manually edit yourself or order professional translation. It’s completely up to you and how you like to see your translations! 

This example shows all three filters and you can see the clear difference between the blue (manual) and red (automatic) translations. 

As you make manual edits, the filter color will instantly change to reflect that it’s now a manual translation, so you can keep track on what’s been updated. 

Things also look a little different when you click on the blue pencil icon to make an actual edit. 

Whilst it will show the translations for the pair you’ve highlighted as the primary option, you can also switch between the languages within this box, if you want. As usual, make your change to the translation and click ok to save the update and see it live on your website.

Get editing 

Now it’s over to you! What do you think about the new visual editor? We hope it’s made it even easier for you to make changes and given you some of the functionalities of the translations list that were missing within the in context view. We’ll keep making updates to it of course, so keep an eye out for new features like updating your SEO metadata through the visual editor too. 

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Check out our roadmap to make your suggestions and let us know what we can improve. Or, reach out to us at support@weglot.com.

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