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Updated on March 22, 2022
August Weglot client showcase

There are many elements that make for a great Webflow website; content, structure, design… But multilingual Webflow websites take things a step further by transforming their content in a way that can accommodate different audiences across the globe.

After all, translating your Webflow website doesn’t just mean translating the text but also localizing the whole user experience for your international visitors. So it challenges you to re-imagine your whole website from a global perspective!

Therefore, there is a lot to learn from these multilingual Webflow websites whether you want to translate your own website or improve your localization practices. In this article, we gathered some of our favorite customers that are paving the way for other Webflow websites to go multilingual by showing how it’s done.


Cakemail website
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First on the list, we have the Canadian email marketing software company Cakemail. Their homepage does a great job of explaining the service through simple illustrations and prompting visitors to discover more. The website is translated into English and French as can be expected from any Canadian company but what’s more, there is also a Canadian French option available for the local audience.

Research shows that localizing websites further by providing language variants increases conversion rates. Especially for languages that have various dialects like Chinese, Spanish or French, it’s an effective localization practice to translate your website into the version that’s spoken by your target audience — like Cakemail does!  

This website also sets a great example when it comes to showing that media with text doesn’t have to disrupt the user experience. On the contrary, explanatory visuals are a great way of enhancing your message, as long as they are translated!

Cakemail website image localization

This is where having a translation solution that allows you to translate media elements on your website comes in handy. By translating the entirety of your website, you show your international visitors that you value their user experience. 

The Positive Effect

The positive effect canada website
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Now let’s talk about a community that’s delivering a life-saving message through its unique Webflow website. The Positive Effect is a diverse alliance of passionate people living with HIV and it aims to end the epidemic of HIV in Canada.

The homepage offers a one-of-a-kind experience with the power of interactive storytelling and astounding stats. Visitors can watch or read the stories of community members and share their own stories to join this inspiring movement.  

The positive effect canada website

So what’s a better way to reach more people than translating your message? This website is fully localized for French-speaking visitors allowing the Positive Effect to spread even further. 

The number of dynamic elements on this multilingual website proves that with the right translation solution, you don’t need to limit the creative capabilities that Webflow provides. 


CleanPure Website
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The hand sanitizer industry peaked during the pandemic and these sticky gels quickly became an essential everyday item. In the beginning, there weren’t many options but as more people started using them, the demand for a cleaner and more sustainable solution arose.

This is where the Swedish brand CleanPure came to deliver an innovative take on sanitizers! Their non-alcoholic disinfectants are made from only natural raw materials in an environmentally friendly manner, without any additives or residues. In addition to hand sanitizers, they also sell non-chemical mouthwash and surface disinfectants.  

Many people wouldn’t hear about this brand if their website was only limited to its original language Swedish. But luckily, their website allows English-speaking customers from all around the world to learn about these clean products — after all, everyone can benefit from a natural hand sanitizer nowadays! 

And between English and Swedish, a problem that might occur is font compatibility. Since Swedish has different characters than English, it’s important to make sure that the font is capable of serving both languages. When you change between languages on the CleanPure website, you’ll see that using the same font throughout the website helps to preserve brand consistency.


WeWard website
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What was your new year’s resolution in 2021? If it was walking more and you failed, you can still turn things around with WeWard! This app gives you “wards” based on the number of steps you walk daily — which you can later convert into cash, gifts, or donations to charities!

This innovative app is proven to make you walk 24% more and therefore promote a healthier lifestyle for its users. They already have 3 million customers all over the world and their website that is available in English, French, and Spanish ensures that this number will keep going up. 

The company has a unique brand style that’s consistent throughout the website with vibrant colors and cute illustrations. The language switcher fits perfectly into the overall design with rounded corner flags and matching font.

As this example shows, the language switcher can be a great complementary element to your website and enhance design consistency with the right customization. It also shows visitors that globalization and multilingualism are the core values of your brand.


Dropcontact website
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Last but not least, let’s check out a tool that makes sure your messages find the right receiver. Dropcontact helps businesses find the correct email address of their prospects and make sure their customers’ B2B contact base is up-to-date.

This Webflow website has a radiant design with a subtle touch of motion graphics that enrich the content and gives a dynamic feel to the user experience. The interactive homepage allows you to discover the features of Dropcontact by demonstrating them through explanatory illustrations. Then the smart use of the color scheme highlights the important CTAs on the website that guides the customers to conversion.   

When it comes to the multilingual aspect of this Webflow website, nothing is left to chance! The website automatically detects the browser language of the visitors and displays the relevant version. However, the language switcher is still available for those that prefer to navigate the website in a different language! 

This is a recommended practice as it’s not realistic to assume everyone in a country must be speaking the same language. Although it will be convenient for the majority, you’ll be missing out on many customers that prefer to display your website in another language or don’t even speak the language of the country they are living in.  


Webflow allows its users to discover advanced design capabilities without complex technical processes. With the right translation solution, you can enhance this rich experience even further through language options.

Just like Webflow, Weglot allows you to be creative when it comes to transforming your website through localization while requiring no technical expertise. Interested in starting your multilingual journey? Try Weglot’s 10-day trial to see what your translated Webflow would look like!

In this article we’re going to look into:

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