Weglot removes the  manual tasks of website translation

Put your website translation project on auto-pilot
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Automatic content detection

Once you’ve installed Weglot, it automatically scans, detects, and translates the content of your site – without you needing to manually collate anything.

For teams regularly adding content and updating pages, this automatic content detection means you won’t need to worry about untranslated pages or paragraphs.

Any new words or pages added to your original website are instantly translated giving you the flexibility to manually edit or approve those translations later on (if you choose to).

Weglot scales with your evolving translated website to ensure your website is 100% translated at all times.

scanning content
scanning content

Clear task management

Centralize your website translation project by handling translations inside your Weglot Dashboard. Assign translations to teammates or translators, or send them to professional translators directly in your dashboard.

Or, choose to handle your translations using the export/import feature. Download in an instant any translated page or sentence on your site, send it to a translator outside your dashboard and import it once completed.

task management
task management

Translation glossary

Weglot glossary

Keep your translations consistent and avoid correcting the same words multiple times with a built-in glossary of terms.

With an import/export feature, you can choose to build this list inside or outside of your Weglot Dashboard and set rules consistent with your brand phrasing.

Plus, benefit from Weglot’s translation memory. If you’ve got duplicate CTA buttons or display the same reviews across your website, only ever translate them once.

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