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Best Wix multilingual sites

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Nearly half of the websites online are currently using a CMS to build their site, allowing non-coders the opportunity to build incredible websites through pre-made, customizable templates and drag-and-drop elements

Being able to build a professional looking website without the need for a single line of code is exactly why 1,271,920,923 websites are active users of a CMS platform.  

And, after market leader WordPress, Wix comes in at number two on the list of most used CMS platforms, with currently 3.8 million active sites

Considered as one of the easiest CMS platforms out there, we can understand why Wix has catapulted to second position, allowing the least tech-centered of us out there to effortlessly build a high-quality website

So, if you’re setting up your own business and you’ve got literally zero experience with designing, building and even knowing where to start with creating a website…Wix might just be your go to solution

Multilingual Wix capabilities 

But, when it comes to creating a multilingual Wix site so people from all over the world can have access to your services, products or blog…it’s not quite so simple.

Although Wix has a native multilingual solution it’s unfortunately quite a manual process and it doesn’t translate key elements of your Wix site, like booking forms. 

This is exactly why Weglot created a seamless translation solution for your Wix site that translates, displays your content and allows you to manage your translations in a user-friendly interface, without the need for a single line of code or the help of a developer.

Weglot is available on the Wix App Market giving you a seamless and easy integration!

You can watch our integration video below to create a multilingual Wix video with Weglot Translate in minutes!

Before we take a look at some of our very own Wix Weglot users, make sure you check out our showcase website to see just how well the two work together.


Wow, now that’s a great multilingual Wix site 

Plenty of Wix users are currently using Weglot to make their site multilingual. Let’s take a look at these internationally minded entrepreneurs and business owners who are already reaping the benefits of a multilingual Wix site. 


We’ve discussed before how having a local partner to carry out vital market research into your new potential markets is crucial in understanding the landscape you’ll be doing business in. 

And, that’s exactly what Mynkana provides. As a freelance network of market researchers in Latin America they know the importance of translating their site into English so those wanting to do business in LATAM can find the right local partner. 


This innovative French tech company, SmartGrains, aims to streamline saturated car parks and offer dynamic parking solutions across the world. 

And, with projects already active within France, this company knows that a global expansion is on the cards. So, translating their site into three languages is a step in the right direction for growing their business. 

A fully translated contact form means they can receive enquiries from French, English and Spanish site visitors. Notice the customization of their language switcher. They’ve edited it to include the language code and have incorporated it into the main menu to make it easy for potential customers to navigate to the language of their choice. 


Another solutions based product. This UK based company MagnaCool aims to solve a problem in the modern day bakery…the waiting time of cooling baked products. Their cooling unit means production time is greatly reduced. 

And, which languages have they translated their website into? French, Spanish, Dutch and German. MagnaCool knows their markets. These four countries are all known for their love of baked goods and unusually high number of bakeries across their respective countries.  

Notice how word length differs per language. Not a problem for Weglot! The menu bar adapts to different word lengths, so you won’t end up with overlapping menu options and hard to read content. However, this is a manual process with the Wix multilingual solution. You’ll need to adjust and customize your menu when adding in new content for your new languages.

Exchange Families

Exchange Families does exactly what its name suggests – they create exchanges for students looking to discover new cultures around the world. So, it only makes sense that they’ve translated their site into French, Spanish and German – the three countries, along with Canada, that they offer exchanges in. 

A fully translated website, including their FAQ page, means students can understand the whole process no matter what language they speak. And a plus point, their testimonials are also translated, so website visitors can see for themselves how other students felt about the experience! 

What makes these Wix multilingual websites so great?

Apart from the fact they’re all using a multilingual solution that takes into account multilingual SEO, enables you to manage your translations in a visual way just like building a Wix site and gives you translated URLs…

  • Translating the whole website. Giving the same user experience to all your website visitors not only provides your potential customers with the same level of service, but it also keeps your brand consistent across all your markets. Keep in mind that it’s not possible to translate your booking forms with the Wix multilingual solution, or make your checkout process available in every language. 
  • Choose the right number of languages. Strategically you need to consider where your potential markets are. Notice how the examples above have selected only a few languages that fit with their customer base. A good way to determine who is already visiting your site it to look in your Google analytics. Go to Audience > Geo > Location. This will bring up a list of countries that are already visiting your site. Perhaps a good place to start! 
  • Take advantage of a translation app that does the hard work for you. Choosing a no-code Wix multilingual translation solution that only requires a few minimal steps to translate and display languages on your site means creating a multilingual website is one less problem for your global expansion. If you choose to add more languages in the future, it’s just a case of adding them in your Weglot Dashboard and voila another language added in no time.  

Interested in how Weglot works? Try 10 days for free and make a multilingual Wix site today! Access to all the features of a paid plan, no credit card details required. 

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