Weglot Customer Showcase — Multilingual Websites to Get Inspiration From

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Updated on March 20, 2023
Weglot Customer Showcase — Multilingual Websites to Get Inspiration From

What do Nikon, Spotify, and EcoVadis have in common? In addition to being inspiring businesses, they have multilingual websites thanks to *ahem* Weglot! So we like to show off our customer’s stunning websites from time to time — can you blame us?

And in this showcase, we’ve gathered multilingual website examples from different industries and CMS platforms to show you that everyone can benefit from going multilingual!

If you’re intrigued by the idea of adding a new language to your website but still need some inspiration, this article that is filled with multilingual website examples is for you.

And who knows, maybe your multilingual website will be in one of our showcases next! 


Multilingual Website Example: Nikon Canada Homepage

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Industry: Cameras

CMS: BigCommerce

Country: Canada

Available languages: English and French

Let’s start with a brand that needs no introduction! Nikon Canada’s multilingual website almost feels like a portfolio with its striking HD photographs and makes you want to explore more!

This BigCommerce store does a great job of providing detailed descriptions of product features and demonstrates examples of photographs. This ensures that consumers know everything about the products, and it makes for a great online shopping experience.

Multilingual Website Example: Nikon Canada product page

Moreover, the website also provides a great number of useful educational content for photographers from all levels to help them make the best use of their cameras— what a way to win over your target audience!

And it goes without saying that a crucial feature of this Canadian website is the French language option. If you thought that all Canadians spoke both of the country’s official languages (English and French), let me remind you that only 17.9% of Canadians are multilingual.

Therefore, Nikon Canada makes sure its website appeals to all its visitors by allowing them to navigate the website in their preferred language!

Edgard & Cooper 

Multilingual Website Example: Edgard & Cooper Homepage

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Industry: Pet

CMS: Shopify

Country: Belgium

Available languages: Dutch, French (Belgium), French (France), German, English, Italian, Spanish and Finnish

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautifully designed website of Edgard & Cooper! This colorful brand from Belgium produces naturally tasty cat and dog food that owners, pets, and the planet can feel good about!

Edgard & Cooper’s website does a great job of communicating the brand’s personality and values to the audience. In addition to their commitment to producing the best food for cats and dogs, they use sustainable packaging and donate 1% of their sales to the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka, giving stray dogs a second chance.

Multilingual Website Example: Edgard & Cooper Homepage

And can we talk about how nicely the language switcher complements the overall website design? The style of the flag icons and the font make it look like the language switcher is an integral part of this colorful website.

And using flags to differentiate the languages was a clever choice because if you look closely, there are two French options; one for Belgium and one for France. I guess they’ve been closely following our content on localization


Multilingual Website Example: Lemlist Homepage

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Industry: Marketing/Advertising

CMS: Webflow

Country: France

Available languages: English and French

I hope you didn’t think I would go without mentioning Lemlist on this list! This fantastic tool is a game-changer when it comes to cold email outreach. It allows you to personalize your emails with customized dynamic content and win over your prospects.

And if you’d like to get a sense of their creativity, just take a look at their intuitive homepage. It’s not hard to see why they are so good at creating cold emails that get responses! 

Multilingual Website Example: Edgard & Cooper Homepage

And we wouldn’t expect a company that’s built around personalization to lack language options. But be careful — using their language switcher is so addictive that you might find yourself navigating between English and French versions of their website!


Multilingual Website Example: anchor.fm Homepage

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Industry: Entertainment

CMS: Webflow

Country: Sweden

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

Everyone has probably debated at one point in their life whether they should start a podcast or not. And Spotify’s podcast creation app anchor.fm can help turn this idea into reality! The all-in-one platform provides everything you need to create, distribute, and monetize your podcast.  

And if you need tips for starting and growing your podcast, you can find many useful articles on the anchor.fm blog. What’s even better is that this helpful resource is available in seven languages! 

Multilingual Website Example: anchor.fm Homepage in Japanese

Spotify also sets a great multilingual website example by referring to language options by their native versions. For example, instead of “French,” it says “Français,” and Japanese is written in the Japanese writing system.

This is an excellent localization practice for multilingual websites as it’ll make your international customers feel welcomed and appreciated. 

San Diego Food System Alliance

Multilingual Website Example: San Diego Food System Alliance Homepage

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Industry: Civic & Social Organization

CMS: Squarespace

Country: The USA

Available languages: English, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Arabic, Filipino, Swahili

Next on the list, we have San Diego Food System Alliance. The San Diego Food System Alliance’s mission is to cultivate a healthy, sustainable, and just food system in San Diego County.

This inspiring business is highlighting a critical topic and taking action to reconfigure the food system. To achieve their mission, they promote collaboration among individuals and organizations to create impactful and lasting change in the food system.

To ensure that everyone can be included in this inspiring conversation, they provide seven different language options! This multilingual website is also a great example that shows translating your website to a right to left language doesn’t have to disrupt the design!  

Multilingual Website Example: San Diego Food System Alliance Website in Arabic


Multilingual Website Example: Belledonne Homepage

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Industry: Fashion

CMS: Shopify

Country: France

Available languages: French and English

It turns out you don’t have to speak French to dress chic! This French DTC brand has caught our attention with its minimal website design, but what stands out is its meaningful commitment to sustainability and ethical ecommerce.

Belledonne’s mission — as displayed on their homepage, is to design pairs of sneakers that make no compromise between design, quality, ethics, and price. Their sneakers are made in a family factory near Porto and you can learn everything about the production process from their website.

Multilingual Website Example: Belledonne product page

But their sneakers aren’t the only thing that is beautifully designed. The simplistic UI of this multilingual website complements the brand’s philosophy: quality must always prevail over quantity. So it only makes sense that they went for a modest language switcher that enhances the overall design.

The Paris-based company delivers to France and neighboring countries at the moment. So their choice of translating their Shopify store to English was a smart choice considering 370 million out of 450 million EU residents are English speakers. Perhaps we’ll see more language options on their website in the future!


Multilingual Website Example: EcoVadisHomepage

Visit the Live Site

Industry: Information Services

CMS: WordPress

Country: France

Available languages: French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese

Doesn’t the homepage of EcoVadis make you want to go out and be with nature? It all makes sense when you learn that this website belongs to the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence, and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains.

And they are the winners of the “Website with the Most Language Options Award” on this list — with nine different languages! But what we especially love about this website is the “Latest News” section and how it provides relevant content for each language option — talk about localization done right!

Multilingual Website Example: EcoVadis Latest News section in Italian

This is a very effective localization practice for making sure that international viewers will have a seamless experience and your website will make sense to them as a whole.


Wow, this was quite a ride across different languages, industries and CMS platforms! There’s something different to learn from each of these inspiring websites but one thing is sure: having language options adds immense value to your website and business.

When there is a fast and easy solution like Weglot to translate your website, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be among these successful businesses. Here is your link to a 10-day free trial so that you can start today!

In this article we’re going to look into:

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