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Bigblue wanted to add another language to their Webflow website but struggled with the manual process of adding duplicate pages and translating page by page.


Traffic to their blog doubled and they benefited from higher search engine rankings for their new French website and blog. 

Bigblue, a logistics app, compatible with Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and Magento, streamline the delivery process for ecommerce businesses selling internationally.

A French company by origin they initially planned to have their website available only in English as it was the most obvious choice when it came to reaching a wider audience. However, they soon realized it also made sense to have their site available in their native language.

A lot of their customers are French and because logistics is a complicated subject they wanted their French audience to understand some of the issues they were raising in their blog. They wanted their content to be accessible to more people as their blog was mostly attracting traffic from English speaking countries.

“We figured that being a French company we needed to have the entire website in French, including the blog; our main audience could understand english, but logistics is a complicated subject for non-English speakers.”

Tim Dumain, co-founder, Bigblue

Their first struggle when it came to going multilingual was that there’s no native multilingual solution available on Webflow. This meant their first attempt at adding additional languages to their Webflow site was to duplicate the pages of their website and manually translate 

Not only was it hard to maintain as they were releasing a lot of content, but they also realized it wasn’t great in terms of SEO doing it this way.

A simple solution

When looking into the options available they discovered Weglot as they found it was the only solution that could both translate a Webflow site and follow key multilingual SEO best practices. 

Weglot gave them a seamless integration with a user friendly interface that anyone within the Bigblue team could use. Plus, translating new blog pages became a simple and fast process.  

“We spend 1/3 of the time we spent before to translate new pages and a better SEO result, so it’s a big win for us!”

A blog their whole audience can benefit from

Bigblue now has a website and blog available in both English and French which resulted in higher rankings on search engines for subjects relating to logistics within French markets. 

They’ve also doubled the traffic to their blog since adding French. And, best of all, they’ve found a Webflow translation solution that can work and grow with them and reduce their overall time spent on translation. 

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