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A performance orientated brand focused on making cutting-edge bicycles for road, triathlon, track, and cyclocross

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With a European launch on the cards, FELT Bicycles needed to translate its Shopify Plus store into German, French, Spanish and Italian to break into these new markets. 


FELT Bicycles didn’t think twice when it came across Shopify translation app Weglot – a scalable translation solution that combined machine and human translation for speed and efficiency. Fast forward 6 months and FELT Bicycles was able to launch quickly in Europe and is already seeing big conversions, notably in Germany.

We saw a big increase in conversions after launching 4 new languages with Weglot – in particular, a significant increase in conversions in the German market

Albert Baqués, Marketing Manager FELT Bicycles Europe

Born and bred in California, FELT Bicycles is a performance led bike brand that creates the finest cycling experience in the world. 

Bicycle sales boomed in 2020 and naturally FELT Bicycles decided to expand into Europe. Armed with a newly updated Shopify Plus website, Weglot was their obvious choice for adding German, French, Spanish, and Italian to their store. 

The service and competitive pricing were what initially attracted the bicycle brand to Weglot, but that soon changed once they discovered Weglot’s other useful, time-saving features that allowed FELT Bicycles to quickly enter new markets. 

Felt bikes

Increasing efficiency with machine and human translation

The FELT Bicycles marketing team quickly discovered one of Weglot’s stand-out features – the option to blend human and machine translation. 

Weglot’s first layer of machine translation gave them an instantly multilingual website, but putting that together with a powerful translation management tool meant FELT Bicycles benefited from the speed of machine translation, with the possibility of manually editing content to increase their quality in their most important markets. 

Their translation team, benefiting from this first layer of neural machine translation, was able to modify and publish the content faster than with a traditional translation method.

They very smartly chose to split their website by ‘type of content’ to determine what they could leave machine-translated and what they wanted to manually edit and prioritize.

Their editing efforts focused on what they call the more ‘editorial’ parts of their website, such as their blog, product descriptions, and branded stories which they determined to be a priority for their ecommerce store. Using machine translation as a base increased the efficiency of their translation team and allowed them to modify and publish the content faster as they weren’t starting from scratch. 

When it came to the content they kept menus, submenus, and shorter sentences machine translated (about one-third of the total content of the store). 

Translation workflow: switching between the translation list and the visual editor

“Weglot helped to better coordinate the content for each area of our website. Being able to switch between the translations list view or Visual Editor was very helpful in making sure all our content was manually edited as soon as it was published”

Albert Baqués, Marketing Manager FELT Bicycles Europe

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The FELT Bicycles team took full advantage of Weglot’s translation management features such as the translations list, Visual Editor, and Glossary. 

What particularly stood out was the use of two different translation editors depending on their needs. FELT Bicycles used Weglot’s translations list to manage the initial bulk translation of their site, then enjoyed the visual aspect of the Visual Editor to review any new content added.  

Filtering by ‘Automatic’ translation and creation date whether in the translations list or the Visual Editor meant FELT Bicycles could easily see any new content that needed to be manually reviewed and edited. 

Example of the Weglot translations list

They also made great use of the Glossary feature by adding numerous biking terms that they never wanted to translate. This saved them time as they didn’t need to keep editing the same terms repeatedly.

Happy local customers

Felt Bikes homepage

Adding Weglot to their Shopify Plus store saw a big increase in website traffic across all supported languages but in particular a significant increase in visits and conversions in the German and French markets for which they focused their manual editing efforts. 

What’s more, their customer base was even more thrilled to be able to navigate the website of such an iconic bike brand, in their own language. 

A great launch strategy, together with an efficient translation workflow deployed by the marketing team made FELT Bicycle’s launch into Europe a big success. 

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