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"Swedish functionality with French style"

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over 2018

Ron Dorff was looking for an easy solution to translate and display the content of its e-commerce website in multiple languages. It needed to be fast, seamless and ensure they didn’t forget any translations.


A multilingual website with 150 translated products – ready in a few days – without technical intervention.

A robust solution that supports a 400% growth in traffic to Ron Dorff’s e-commerce website over 2018.

Ron Dorff leverages Weglot to translate their Shopify store in multiple languages.

“Swedish functionality with French style”. This is the slogan of Ron Dorff, the young French-Swedish sportswear brand founded in 2011. Its origins have given the brand an international dimension since its inception and it is only natural that Ron Dorff’s team wanted to offer an e-commerce website in multiple languages to its customers. Ron Dorff very quickly met a great success in France but international has always been a priority. With more than 70% of international sales this year, this commitment has paid off for Ron Dorff.

“We generate more than 70% of our sales from exports, particularly to the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany.”


A solution that is easy to integrate

Once the decision was made to integrate Weglot in the Ron Dorff website, the process was very simple. With only one person in charge of content, Ron Dorff’s team didn’t want to spend several months developing a new multilingual website. They already had a Shopify website, which meant they simply downloaded the Weglot Translate app through the Shopify App Store. In a few minutes, all the website content was detected and translated – all that remained was to check or edit the proposed translations. Everything was ready in less than fifteen days and, most importantly, there was no need to call in a developer to update the e-commerce website.

No more spending time looking for translations

With more than 150 referenced products and a constantly evolving catalog, it can quickly become a real challenge to offer quality content in multiple languages.

Before discovering Weglot, Ron Dorff’s team wasted a large amount of time managing what needed to be translated and checking the quality of those translations. After testing several solutions, Ron Dorff’s team simplified its translation process with Weglot. Now, all translations of the Ron Dorff e-commerce website are easily editable from Weglot’s unique interface.

“Weglot interface is really friendly and easy to use. You can find all your content in a few clicks and then translate it quickly and efficiently.” explains Jamila Halloum, Digital Marketing Director at Ron Dorff. Now, Ron Dorff’s editorial team just need to focus on writing and translating the content properly.

“Weglot interface is really friendly and easy to use. You can find all your content in a few clicks and then translate it quickly and efficiently”

Jamila Halloum, Digital Marketing Director at Ron Dorff

Well referenced products on Google, in all languages.

Google SEO is obviously essential for an e-commerce website like Ron Dorff. Thanks to Shopify, Ron Dorff’s e-commerce website already benefited from good search engine optimization. But, what about when you translate your website? Frequently companies worry that translating their site will damage their SEO, or they will have no visibility in their newly translated languages.


Weglot follows Google’s guidelines in terms of “multilingual SEO” – so you don’t need to question your multilingual visibility. A French-speaking visitor looking for “Ron Dorff Dad t-shirt” on Google, can directly see the French page of the requested product, while an English-speaking visitor will continue to see the page in English.

In 2018, Weglot assisted Ron Dorff in its growth in France and abroad with an increase of more than 400% in website visits to its e-commerce site.

The best way to understand the power of Weglot is to see it for yourself. Get your website multilingual live in minutes.