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As Slidebean grew they knew they wanted to make their website and content available in more than just English. With their original website in English, they created a second, more simplified Spanish version. However, as they started creating more content and adding new services, the task of updating and translating both websites became impossible.


Weglot removed the need for multiple websites and enabled Slidebean to launch a fully translated Spanish version of their website, instantly. New content was automatically detected and translated, removing the hassle of manual uploads. This led to a 200% increase in Spanish-speaking visitors.

“Weglot allowed us to effortlessly add Spanish to our website leading to a 200% increase to the Spanish version and a 30% increase in overall conversions.”

Gustavo Paniagua – Head of Marketing at Slidebean

Founded in 2014, Slidebean was created as an alternative to PowerPoint and designed to streamline the process of creating presentations, with added design and functionality. 

Using an AI-design system that takes your pitch deck content, grabs your brand identity from your website, and automatically designs a solid deck for you – Slidebean allows users to make powerful presentations, fast. 

Most of their users are startups, specifically, startup founders, trying to build a pitch deck, resulting in Slidebean’s pitch decks being used by some leading companies to raise from Seed to Series B rounds. 

Today, Slidebean has grown to help with all ends of the pitch deck building process, from writing the slides, to the financial model, to the design and even finding investors. 

Weglot – say goodbye to multiple websites

“As our brand grew we needed a way to make our content available to more people. We had both an English website and a simplified Spanish version – however as we started creating more content, adding more services the task of updating and translating each website became impossible for us.”

Gustavo Paniagua – Head of Marketing at Slidebean

With an expansion strategy that went beyond the English-speaking market, Slidebean initially launched with an English website which then led them to create a smaller, more simplified version in Spanish. 

The difficulty here was managing and updating both sites, particularly as new content and resources were added regularly. It meant that the Spanish website was often outdated and it held them back from reaching out to new audiences in other languages and showing their full potential. 

This frustration led to them finding a better translation solution and Weglot stood out as it solved the issue of having to manage multiple sites. 

The benefit of Weglot was clear – no multiple sites to manage, automatic content detection when adding new content, plus the overall ease of installing it. 

Without Weglot, the team at Slidebean would have ultimately got rid of their Spanish website as it wasn’t feasible or a good use of time for the team to continue to update it. 

Edit your translations with ease

The only thing the Slidebean team had concerns about was the accuracy of the machine translations

However, overall they were surprised about the quality and then used Weglot’s user-friendly post-editing features to review the translations on their main landing pages to ensure the tone was to their liking. 

Results: increase in Spanish visitors and overall conversion rate

Slidebean soon saw the benefits of a multilingual website. They quickly gained around a 20% increase in traffic to their main website, almost a 200% increase in Spanish-speaking visitors. And, those results were reflected in a 30% increase in conversions overall. 

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