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With a growing client base outside of France, SmartKeyword always knew they’d eventually add multiple languages to their corporate website. However, without a good website translation solution in place, they weren’t in a rush to start this complicated task


After discovering WordPress translation plugin Weglot and seeing just how simple the integration was, they moved their multilingual plans forward. The result was a multilingual website, within budget, much earlier than the team ever imagined, allowing them to target new markets sooner and hit company targets ahead of schedule.  

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We weren’t in a rush to go multilingual. But when we heard about Weglot, we thought we’d give it a try. Since the installation was fast and painless, we also decided to translate our website into Spanish.

Louis Chevant, SmartKeyword Founder

SmartKeyword is an easy-to-use SEO platform that allows companies to manage, improve and track their SEO site performance. Their hybrid model offers a technological platform and a team of SEO experts to support SEO projects. 

Currently helping more than 100 companies in France, SmartKeyword naturally wanted to expand its model to other markets around the world. The team at SmartKeyword felt an English version of their corporate website was overdue. 

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A simple solution that pushed SmartKeyword to go multilingual early 

Initially, the team at SmartKeyword wasn’t in a rush to add new languages to their website. With 150 pages, 100 of which are long-form content (800 words+), they knew translating their site would be a painful experience and one that would take a substantial amount of time. 

The team had always planned to go multilingual at some point but their initial plan was to postpone the project until they had an internal multilingual team that could translate every page and set them up within the WordPress admin. 

Realizing just how painstaking this would be, they came across Weglot by chance and discovered there was actually a solution to their problem and that the fast, simple and painless setup process was what they were looking for. 

Having managed to activate a multilingual WordPress website in minutes and since the installation was so effortless, they didn’t just stop at adding English to their corporate website. Spanish was swiftly added, allowing users in dozens of markets to discover SmartKeyword.  

“A couple of months after setting up English and Spanish versions of our website, we saw a 10% increase in traffic coming from the US and Spain.”

Louis Chevant, SmartKeyword Founder

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Being able to manage their translations outside of WordPress and not having to duplicate pages that would require extra time from their development team meant their multilingual website was pretty much on autopilot. 

Benefiting from machine translation

To get their multilingual website off the ground, SmartKeyword appreciated the first layer of machine translation Weglot gives. They found it pretty spot-on for the soft launch of their translated versions, but later when they had more resources, they edited the translations through the Weglot Dashboard. 

The manual edits they made were to ensure the technical lingo was in order. They also made use of Weglot’s other translation features such as translating their URL slugs to localize their site further and in the future, they’re looking forward to replacing images and videos with translated versions once these have been produced internally.  

Improving SEO 

SmartKeyword is an SEO agency after all, so to ensure they were targeting the right keywords in their new target markets they worked on improving their multilingual SEO strategy. 

With Weglot, even the content not visible to website visitors is translated, so the team at SmartKeyword already benefited from an automatic translation of their metadata. Having seen an increase in organic traffic, they knew their pages had been indexed by Google. 

To improve their multilingual SEO further, they set about including specific keywords that targeted the US and Spanish-speaking markets and replaced those directly within the Weglot Dashboard. 

As a company working within SEO, the team at SmartKeyword knew just how valuable it was to see an increase in organic traffic, with minimal strategy and effort from their side. 

“We’re an SEO agency, so it would have been a massive oversight if we didn’t look at improving our keywords in our new target languages. We edited our SEO tags easily through Weglot’s visual editor in order to target relevant keywords in the US market.” 

Louis Chevant, SmartKeyword Founder

Conclusion: Finding a solution that effortlessly drove organic traffic

Weglot turned out to be a pretty good bet for the team at SmartKeyword. Having seen an impressive increase in organic traffic within just a few months of adding Weglot, the team is looking forward to seeing where new languages take them. 

Having not planned to add multiple languages to their site quite so early, they found a WordPress translation plugin that required little effort and ultimately saw a big gain that’s only going to grow over time. 

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