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The Challenge Initiative (TCI) is led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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The Challenge Initiative mainly focuses their reproductive health education on communities in East Africa, Francophone West Africa, India and Nigeria. However, as their site was only available in English they needed a quick and comprehensive translation solution to translate the site into French for Francophone West Africa and Hindi for India so their target audience could understand and access their materials.


By integrating Weglot, TCI can display all three languages, English, Hindi, and French easily on their website, allowing them to engage with their target audiences at a higher level and enable them to receive the help they need in their communities. 

“ We’d previously encountered compatibility issues with other translation solutions, but with Weglot, everything ran smoothly. We work in Francophone West Africa and Asia and have seen significant increases in traffic since translating our site”

Kim Martin – Senior Communications and Marketing Officer TCI

TCI – delivering lasting impact through education and compassion

TCI’s innovative approach allows cities to self-select to participate. Cities bring their monetary contributions, ideas and political commitment to the platform. In return, cities have access to a challenge fund for additional resources, as well as technical expertise to adopt and scale up high-impact best practices that have been codified for easy adaptation through TCI University.

This online “university without walls” along with TCI’s coaching model has helped TCI continue operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. TCI now supports 95 cities in implementing urban reproductive health solutions across 10 countries in East Africa, Francophone West Africa, Nigeria and India.

Seamless Text and Media Translation

Finding the right translation solution for their multilingual project was vital for TCI given that they’d encountered problems on previous attempts. Their attempt with another plugin failed because it wasn’t compatible with the learning management system on their website, and so they had to find an alternative solution. 

Luckily, the team at TCI found the Weglot plugin and haven’t looked back. As they had over 1 million words to translate, they really benefited from Weglot’s hybrid approach to translation. This involves a quick layer of automatic translation on all the site’s content followed by the ability to edit and manage translations via an intuitive translation management dashboard. There’s also the option to implement these edits via a user-friendly visual editor tool and hire professional translators via the Weglot dashboard to review any important web pages. The team at TCI was also impressed with the media translation capacities of Weglot. 

“We really loved the localization features provided by Weglot such as the ability to translate images and other types of media depending on the language the visitor is viewing the site in. Being able to change our graphics and other attachments into French and Hindi is a real benefit to site visitors”

Kim Martin – Senior Communications and Marketing Officer TCI

Media localization is an important aspect of any multilingual project and every multilingual site should endeavour to do so. Translating images and other media not only helps web visitors to understand your content, but can also show that you’re sensitive to their culture and are committed to delivering a highly personalized user experience.

Increasing traffic with SEO

A big aim for TCI was to increase overall web traffic, which they did so successfully with the help of Weglot. Using Weglot as their website translation solution meant that their translated web pages were automatically displayed under language specific subdomains as opposed to creating duplicate pages with translated content, which isn’t favored by search engines and can penalize SEO ranking.

In addition to this, multilingual SEO was also taken care of by Weglot as it automatically indexes translated pages following Google best practices. This means that whether web users are searching in English, Hindi, or French for reproductive healthcare or other topics related to TCI, TCI will rank highly on the SERPs (search engine result pages) leading to greater traffic and engagement. In fact, since implementing Weglot the organisation has seen a significant increase in traffic, particularly from West-African countries.


The Challenge Initiative needed a no-hassle, fully compatible, and all-encompassing translation solution to reach more communities across the Asian and African continents. To have a greater impact, they needed to move beyond a monolingual English site and begin to provide information for their target communities in their local language. With Weglot, they’ve achieved all this and more and can now work on providing education and mobilising more communities to bring about lasting change.

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