An upmarket street food restaurant created by singer Pharrell Williams and famous French chef Jean Imbert

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Restaurant visitors generally come from different countries, and it’s even more true when this restaurant is French, located in Saint-Tropez (French Riviera) and founded by world class famous singer Pharrell Williams and French chef Jean Imbert. The team at ToSHARE needed to add English to its Squarespace built website, but they struggled to find a simple multilingual solution that didn’t require multiple websites and could be easily maintained.


After discovering Weglot, they found a scalable translation solution that allowed them to launch a multilingual restaurant website in just minutes, adding English in a breeze. Plus the regularly updated food menu benefits from Weglot’s instant translation, meaning there’s minimum upkeep.

“In the past, we have had to build a second site to be able to offer another language version to our customers. For me Weglot is the only option that works, that doesn’t limit us in terms of design and that allows us to update the web content without having to duplicate different versions of the site.”

Salomé Amar – Founder of web & marketing agency

Launched in Summer 2020, ToSHARE is a modern street food restaurant created by American hip-hop singer Pharrell Williams and renowned French chef Jean Imbert. The café-restaurant located in the city of Saint-Tropez celebrates local producers with an eclectic menu that serves mostly vegetarian food.

Weglot – a simple solution that works

“In literally minutes, we were able to launch an English version of the website with Weglot. Other Squarespace solutions were messy, complicated and we worried about regularly adding new content. Weglot is clean, intuitive and translations can be updated without a developer.”

Salomé Amar – Founder of web & marketing agency

The team at ToSHARE brought on graphic designers Violaine and Jeremy and Squarespace web agency L’équipe créative to handle the website design and marketing. When looking for a Squarespace multilingual solution the agency struggled to find a way to add languages without having to go down the route of adding a cover page, have multiple language menus, or even worse create two different websites.

They needed a solution that was easy to use, could accommodate regular changes to their food menu and importantly allowed their restaurant to be found in search results in English speaking markets, as well as French. L’équipe créative looked into the various options available for making Squarespace sites multilingual and found it was quite a pain.

After researching into the various options, they decided to use Weglot after seeing just how simple they made the whole multilingual process.

What initially seemed like a couple of days of work (even more if they went with the two website approach), was solved in a matter of minutes.

All new content is automatically detected and translated, which is particularly useful for the food menu as it meant whenever they changed it, there was no need to do anything on the technical side.

The other important factor when translating the restaurant website was to ensure that their booking system was fully translated. Thanks to Weglot, ToSHARE can accommodate bookings in English and French, localizing the experience for both markets. 

A website that accommodates all markets

The team at ToSHARE knew the big names behind the restaurant would lure more than just French speakers to their intimate restaurant, particularly given the popular tourist location it’s in. 

Thanks to Weglot, ToSHARE is now available in both English and French. Even more importantly, their restaurant is visible in French and English search engine results, due to Weglot’s automatically implemented multilingual SEO features. 

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