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Increase in online store visits
Increase in international revenue after 1 month
Translated words into 9 languages in less than a month

With duplicate Shopify stores serving just 3 languages, the task of updating and staying consistent with their multiple multilingual stores was too difficult to manage. Volant was unable to launch in more markets with the solution they currently had, greatly hindering the international expansion they were looking for. 


Volant launched 9 languages in a matter of weeks not months with Weglot. A month later they experienced a 39% increase in international revenue and 2.4x more online store visits. They were able to do all this by combining machine and human translation to give a faster, accurate launch to market. 

The core of our business is selling products by telling a compelling story and educating our audience. We believe we can do that more effectively by speaking the local language of the European market.

Tobias Nervik, co-founder Volant

With Scandinavian roots, Volant is a sustainable home scenting brand selling handmade diffusers that use 100% pure essential oils, sourced from around the world. With a commitment to the environment, their mission is to create products that are as effective as they are elegant. 

Founded in May 2020 by two budding entrepreneurs, Volant has found a unique space in the marketplace, quickly becoming a profitable business in just a matter of months, with $2m in revenue in less than a year. 

Expanding into new markets without the pain points

Like many online stores, Volant wanted to expand into international markets. They first achieved this by duplicating and translating their entire English Shopify store into German and Swedish. 

Quick to spot that it was a hugely manual task, not to mention it didn’t allow them to expand in as many markets as they wanted to, they realized they needed a different solution. 

Impressed by Weglot’s first layer of machine translation, the team at Volant made use of the Weglot Dashboard and the post-editing features that allowed their team of translators to effortlessly approve, edit and publish translations. 

The overall effectiveness of Weglot meant that they not only had a solution that handled the translation part, but they were also able to launch 9 languages in total without having to duplicate their store manually.

Without Weglot we wouldn’t have localized our store to the extent we have and instead kept just a 3 market approach.

Tobias Nervik, co-founder Volant

Being able to launch in multiple markets quickly and efficiently was also a key requirement for Volant. In 2020, consumers started investing more in homeware items to feel more connected to their homes, and this opened up a big opportunity for Volant. 

In less than a month, Weglot allowed them to translate a 100k word website into 9 languages, covering 11 markets, paired with the speed of machine translation and the accuracy of manual translation. A translation project that would have been impossible had they chosen their original method. 

Translating the whole process 

Whilst it’s natural to only think about translating the words visible on an ecommerce store, Volant had other plans. They wanted the whole of their sales process to be in the language of their customer, so this meant translating their email marketing communications platform, Klaviyo. 

Weglot integrated seamlessly with Klaviyo so Volant could send targeted email campaigns in the same languages that were available on their store and keep up the level of personalization that converts customers. 

And whilst we’re mentioning content that’s not visible on the website, Weglot’s SEO aspects were another appealing feature for Volant. Being visible on search engines for any ecommerce entrepreneur is key and with Weglot they were impressed that many of the normally manual multilingual SEO aspects such as hreflang tags, translated metadata and language subdomains were already handled for them.  

A translation solution built for growth 

Weglot enabled Volant to launch in 11 new markets all within less than a month. 

The use of a first layer of machine translation was a huge help in their overall website translation project launch and meant their translation team only had minimal work to carry out. 

They saw significant traffic growth and sales in Germany, France and Italy, and in less than a month, international revenue was up 39% and website visitors had increased more than 2 times.

Thanks to Weglot, we’re able to profitably market our products in all the large European markets.

Tobias Nervik, co-founder Volant


In Weglot, Volant found a translation solution that allowed them to expand internationally, quickly and effectively. Without such a solution their growth plans were limited and they wouldn’t have been able to launch in so many markets and see such a positive impact on their international revenue. 

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