Translate your Jimdo website

Make your Jimdo site multilingual with Weglot

Translate Jimdo website

Translating your Jimdo website and making it multilingual can be a complex, painstaking process. The platform doesn’t offer a high-quality native or official solution, so users have to manually re-type all the pages and articles on their in their target language(s). 

This is, of course, not very efficient, and it can be incredibly time-consuming.

Weglot provides a simple solution: our goal to help all Jimdo users to get the translation and multilingual features they need seamlessly onto their Jimdo website.

Key Benefits

A quick and simple setup: you don’t need to do any coding

A powerful translation solution, designed for Jimdo: Weglot makes sure your entire website is translated, and we’re officially recommended by Jimdo itself

An easy way to manage translations: You’ll get access to a speedy first round of automatic translations, which you can then manually edit to your taste—you have complete control over your content

Expert support team at your service: 100% dedicated to multilingual websites and we know Jimdo!

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Example of a translated Jimdo website

weglot jimdo setup demo

Before explaining further, feel free to check out this example of a translated Jimdo website we set up for your viewing pleasure.

At the bottom right of the sample homepage, you can see the language-switch button to change the language from English to French.

Let’s start translating your Jimdo website.

Disclaimer: Weglot is available on Jimdo Creator, not on Jimdo Dolphin.

1) Create an account on Weglot

This account is where you’ll be able to view and manage all your translations. Simply create a Weglot account here.


2) Install the Weglot library

Now you’ll need to add the JavaScript snippet (provided at your Weglot account registration) in your Jimdo website admin center.

It’s easy, you just need to go through the following steps (also shown in the GIF below):

Jimdo JavaScript snippet
  • Go to your Jimdo admin area. Click on “Menu” > “Settings” > “Edit Head.”
  • Paste the JS snippet provided to you on your Weglot account page. It should look like the following, only with your actual API key instead of the placeholder “YOUR_API_KEY”.
  • Click on “Save”.

3) You are done!

Finished! If you go to your website, you’ll now see the language button appear at the very bottom right. Try changing the language yourself, and you’ll see your translated website.

Make your Jimdo website multilingual within minutes
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