As you probably know, BigCommerce doesn’t have a native multilingual feature. There are several tricks, like using Google Translate script to translate your BigCommerce store but none are really providing a simple & efficient answer to the question : How to make a multilingual store on BigCommerce ?

This is why we developed at Weglot a simple way to make a clean multilingual store on BigCommerce, using languages subdomains!

Key Benefits

Let’s translate your BigCommerce website (~ 10 minutes)

Ready to try? This guide explains how to make your store multilingual.

1. Create an account on Weglot (~ 1 minute)

Your Weglot account will be the place where all your translations will be stored and where you will manage them. Simply create a Weglot account here:

2. Enter your domain URL, original and translated languages (~ 1 minute)

Once your Weglot account is created and confirmed, you will see the below screen appear. Simply enter your domain URL, your website original language and the translated languages you want to translate your website into.

You can change your translated languages later if you want.

Important: DO NOT enter your BigCommerce temporary domain (ending with

(Don’t have a domain name yet? Scroll down on the Weglot setup page, you will see another section called “Other possible integrations”. Click on “Use Javascript integration” and jump directly to step 4 of this guide.)

3. Configure the subdomains in the DNS records (~ 5 minutes)

Enter the DNS records that are shown to you in your DNS Record Zone. Depending where you bought the domain, it can be at several places

If you need any help for this, you can send us an email to with the BigCommerce admin access and we will do it for you!

Once you have entered the DNS, wait a few minutes and it should appear green like this:


4. Install the Weglot library (~ 3 minutes)

Copy the Javascript code that is shown to you:

The Javascript code to copy

In your BigCommerce admin, go in Storefront > Script Manager and click “Create Script”. 

Enter the name and the description as you want. And fill up as following:

Finally, click “Save”.

5. You are done!

You just need to wait a few minutes for BigCommerce to display your language button and your multilingual website is now live! Use the language button to change the language on your website. You can now edit your translations on your Weglot account.

Questions about Weglot translation App? We have answers.

Discover our installation guide or search through our Help Center BigCommerce questions.

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