While PrestaShop may have its own native multilingual feature, it comes with many limitations. Content from modules or templates are not all detected and it takes a lot of time to manually find and translate all of your content anyway. That’s why we created Weglot, to streamline the translation process of your PrestaShop website and give you a solution that’s fast and works.

Key Benefits

Let’s translate your PrestaShop website

Ready to try Weglot out? This guide will help you set up your PrestaShop website in a few minutes.

Step 1: Create a Weglot account

This is where you can see and manage all your translations. Create your account here


Step 2: Choose desired language(s) and enter your domain URL

After validating your email, you’ll arrive on the Weglot setup page. Enter your website URL (You must enter your own domain name, like “mywebsite.com” not a temporary or localhost URL).

Then, specify the original language of your website (the language your PrestaShop website was originally created in) and then the languages you want to translate it into.

For example:


Click “Next” to go to the next step.

Step 3: Configure the subdomains in your DNS records

In this step, you’ll add new DNS entries to your DNS record.


Go to your Domain Name System provider (like GoDaddy, 1&1, Gandhi, etc), and find the DNS entries settings where you can add the new entries (CNAME / Aliases). If you are not sure how to do it or where it is, we can help you. Just email us at support@weglot.com.

Step 4: Validate the DNS entries

Once you’ve added and saved your entries, go back to your Weglot account tab, click “Check DNS”. It can take a few minutes. If everything is correct, then you should see green check icons. It means the DNS entries were successfully configured. Then, click on “Next”.


Step 5: Copy/Paste the JavaScript snippet

Copy the code snippet provided to you

Go to your FTP location and look for the “header.tpl” file in your Theme folder. Edit the theme file “header.tpl” and insert the code snippet just before the closing </head> tag.


It’s done!

You’ll now be able to see the language switcher button at the bottom of your website and see your newly translated PrestaShop website (if it’s not there yet, it might just take a few minutes to appear if you have a cache system).

You can now review and manually edit your translations in your Weglot account. Log in to your Weglot account and then go to “Translations” tab to find all your translations and edit them.

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