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If you’re one of the thousands of Square Online users looking to take your store international, then you’d be right in thinking adding languages to your site is the first step! There’s currently no native website translation feature within Square Online and relying on browser translation will not give your store visitors the kind of experience they expect.

That’s where Weglot comes in! Designed to effortlessly integrate with your Square Online store, Weglot detects, translates, and displays the content of your website in just minutes. With a first layer of machine translation and all the post-editing features you need to set your preferred translation quality.

And, what about multilingual SEO? Weglot gives you language-specific subdomains, automatically added hreflang tags, and translated metadata to improve your international visibility on search engines.

Key benefits

Integrate Weglot in minutes and launch a multilingual Square Online store instantly

Combine machine translation with manual reviewing and/or professional translators

100% translated store – from your checkout to your reviews Weglot translates the whole of your sales process

Top-notch support team to help you at

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How to translate your Square Online website

Ready to translate your store? This quick guide explains exactly how to get a multilingual Square Online store up and running using the Weglot app available on the Square Online App Marketplace.

1) Create an account on Weglot

Signup for a Weglot account – this is where you’ll manage your translations and make custom translation rules for your project.

Weglot Square online register

2) Add your new languages

Once you’ve signed up for your Weglot account you’ll be taken to the setup page. Give your project a name and select ‘Square Online’ from the ‘Website technology’ drop-down.

Select Square Online as technology

Then, simply fill in the original language of your site and then the languages you want to translate it into.

Weglot square online setup

You can always add more languages later.

3) Add your language switcher

Next, add your language switcher to the front-end of your Square Online site by copying the Javascript code from your Weglot Dashboard and pasting it in your Square Online Overview page.

Weglot Square online integration custom code

In your Square Online Overview page, go to Settings > Tracking Tools, and in the Add custom header code section, click Add new code.

Enter the name that you want, for example, Weglot, and then:

Custom code: paste the code from your Weglot account here
Select ‘head’ for the placement

Click “Save”.

Contact us at if you have any problems with this step.

4) Your multilingual Square Online store is now live!

You’ve now successfully translated your Square Online store. You can now make use of Weglot’s translations management features.

Check out our getting started video to Weglot’s features and get customizing your translation project.

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