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Connect Weglot and see the magic happens. No coding required.


Compatible with your template

Don’t change your current website. Weglot is compatible with all Squarespace templates.


Optimized for SEO

Your Squarespace website is indexed by Google in all translated languages.

Clean and simple setup

Translating your Squarespace website into multiple languages as never been easier. Weglot makes your Squarespace website multilingual in just a few minutes. Just follow our easy step-by-step guide.

  • 5 minutes setup, no coding required
  • Customize the language button to fit your website
  • Choose between 100+ languages

Easily manage your translations

Once Weglot is installed, you only need to focus on your content. Weglot automatically applies a first automatic translation layer. You just need to validate the translations or order professional translations.

  • Use the Visual Editor to translate your website in context
  • Don’t start from scratch with a first automatic translation layer
  • Order professional translations in 2 minutes

SEO optimized

Your Squarespace website is automatically indexed on Google and follows multilingual SEO best practices. For example, if you translate your website in French, French-speaking visitors will be able to look for your Squarespace website on Google and get results in French.

  • Translated pages automatically indexed on Google
  • One specific subdomain for each language
  • All your metadata (titles, descriptions, …) are translated

Compatible with all templates

Weglot works on all Squarespace templates and supports 100+ languages. No need to change your template or the way you work.

Want to see an example?

This Squarespace website example is translated in French and Spanish with Weglot. Click on French or Spanish in the header to see the dedicated URLs and the translated versions.


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Follow our easy installation guide and get your multilingual Squarespace website up and running.

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