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Making a Squarespace website multilingual has proven tricky in the past. Because there was no official solution, users had to use back-alleys and long-winded processes to make their sites multilingual, like recreating each of their individual posts in the target language. It was, as you may imagine, time-consuming and not very efficient.

At Weglot, we wanted to change this. So we designed a simple yet powerful solution that makes Squarespace site translation a streamlined and near-automatic process.

Key Benefits

A clean and simple setup: Up and running in a few minutes.

A simple way to manage translation: get a first round of automatic translations, then easily verify each of them with your own discerning eye (or that of a translation professional, if you prefer).

SEO optimized pages: Your Squarespace website will be indexed on Google in all the languages you choose to translate it into.

Customizable language-switching button: you can move it, style it, resize it…whatever you please.

Our support team is always here to help you at We are experts multilingual websites, Multilingual SEO and we know Squarespace!

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Want to see an example?

Before digging in, you can check a demo website we’ve setup: You can also check out our guide where we discuss all the Squarespace multilingual solutions available.

Weglot Setup guide Squarespace demo

This sample Squarespace site has been translated into French and Spanish with Weglot. Click on French or Spanish in the header to see the translated versions and the dedicated subdomain URLs for each language.

Let’s start translating your Squarespace website

Ready to try Weglot out? This guide will help you set up your Squarespace website in a few minutes.

10 minutes

1) Create an account on Weglot

Your Weglot account will be the place where all your translations will be stored, and where you will manage them. Simply create a Weglot account here:

Weglot Setup guide 1

2) Enter your domain URL, original and translated languages

Once your Weglot account is created and confirmed, you will see the below screen appear. Simply enter your domain URL, your website original language and the translated languages you want to translate your website into.

You can change your translated languages later if you want. 

Important: DO NOT enter your Squarespace temporary domain (ending with

Don’t have a domain name yet? Scroll down on the Weglot setup page, you will see another section called “Other possible integrations”. Click on “Use Javascript integration” and jump directly to step 4 of this guide.

Weglot Setup guide 2 Squarespace

Click “Next” to go to the next step.

3) Configure the subdomains in the DNS records

In this step, you will connect Weglot to your website using your DNS records. You should see this screen appear:

Weglot Squarespace Setup guide 3

First, go to your Squarespace admin area, in Settings > Domains. You now have 2 possibilities:

a. Your domain name is managed by Squarespace

If your domain name is managed by Squarespace, it will appear under “Managed by Squarespace”. In that case, click on it, and then click on “Advanced settings”.

If this is the case, you can enter the DNS as prompted by the site, like on the screenshot below. At the end, click “Save” at the top.

Weglot Setup guide 4 Squarespace

b. Your domain name is managed outside Squarespace

If your domain name is managed via a third party provider (like GoDaddy, 1&1 or Google Domains, …), access the DNS settings on your Domain Name provider and add your entries there. If you are not sure where to find this, we can have a look for you. Just email us at

When your entries are done, click “Check DNS”. You should see a green check mark indicating that the DNS has successfully been configured. Click “Next”.

4) Install the Weglot library

Disclaimer: You can only customize your code on a Squarespace Business plan or higher.

Finally, the last step is to add the language-switch button to your website. This is simple : just copy the code shown on the installation screen at this stage, and paste it onto your Squarespace dashboard, under Settings > Advanced > Code Injection and “Header”. If you have already something in this field, it’s ok—just paste the Weglot snippet after.

Weglot Setup guide 5 Squarespace
Weglot Setup guide 6 Squarespace

5) You are done!

You just need to wait a few minutes for Squarespace to display your language button. After that, your multilingual website will be live! Use the language button to change the language on your website. You can now edit your translations on your Weglot account.

6) Optional – Put the language button in the menu

The default language button appears at the bottom right of your website. If you want to put it in your menu instead, you can use links.

Weglot Setup guide 7 Squarespace
Weglot Setup guide 8 Squarespace

Go into your Squarespace admin dashboard. From there, go to the Main Navigation section and click on the small “+” icon to add a link into your main navigation menu.

You’ll have the option to type in your own URL. You can format your URLs in the following style: #Weglot-fr for French, #Weglot-es for Spanish, etc… Replace the “fr” or “es” with the appropriate 2-letter language code. All standard language codes can be found here.

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