multilingual extension

Integrate our no-code Squarespace recommended multilingual extension in minutes!

Quick install

Add the Weglot extension directly inside your Squarespace dashboard in minutes. No code required.

Unlimited languages

Add multiple languages to your Squarespace website without duplicate menus and multiple pages.

Automatic and human translation

Weglot uses a first layer of automatic translation. Get full editing control with team collaboration and access to pro translators.

A fully translated Squarespace site

Weglot automatically detects and translates all of your website content, including pages, blog posts, menus, and ecommerce products and your checkout.

Simple translation management

Manage all your website translations through one interface. Combine automatic translation, human editing, and the option to order professional translations directly inside your Weglot Dashboard.

Multilingual SEO

Your translated website content is automatically indexed on Google and displayed under language subdomains.


Weglot adds a front-end language switcher to your site so your website visitors can select the language of their choice. Edit, move and customize it through the Squarespace website builder. Plus, use Weglot’s visual editor to preview your translated pages and plan for any design adjustments caused by translated text expansion.

Weglot and Squarespace
in action

Check out our demo Squarespace site.

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